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Fantasy Principles of Heavens—Zen’s Cultivation of Immortality
Principles of Heavens—Zen’s Cultivation of Immortality Principles of Heavens—Zen’s Cultivation of Immortality
Principles of Heavens—Zen’s Cultivation of Immortality

Author: Ranzai Studio

2256.8k READ NOW
  • A contest against fate
  • Harem, martial arts, cultivation combined
  • Secret divine technique giving the reader immense power
  • No. 4 Most-popular in Action list

Zen Luo, the former Young Lord of Luo family, is now a humble slave whose father died and younger sister was held in detention by a powerful sect. He had suffered so much both physically and mentally. However, his life started to get better when he found the secret Weapon Creation in the book of his father. Could human body be a weapon? What was the mysterious force behind all this? It was a challenge from fate awaiting Zen Luo.


  • Visitor 94831

    Visitor 94831

    2020-01-21 00:12:35 From Ch. 99

    😱🥶way too cool 😎


  • monkey d luffy

    monkey d luffy

    2020-01-20 23:37:24 From Ch. 232

    crazy update plz..to addicted to dz comics..wooohhh


  • Wicked witch Animati

    Wicked witch Animati

    2020-01-20 22:30:32 From Ch. 217

    I'm I the one who saw the dragon balls .


  • Lynx Ghost

    Lynx Ghost

    2020-01-20 19:36:38 From Ch. 4 Departure

    this is pretty interesting


  • ~Unknown~


    2020-01-20 15:29:26 From Ch. 232

    Not really its bout an episode I think? I nvr read this for vv long alr


  • Visitor 49275

    Visitor 49275

    2020-01-20 12:24:02 From



  • Villaruz Andrada Rac

    Villaruz Andrada Rac

    2020-01-20 11:59:12 From Ch. 232

    can you give us an upsree please


  • Visitor 49275

    Visitor 49275

    2020-01-20 11:22:15 From Ch. 181

    why do i have a feeling that its only goin to be just a brush😅


  • Anthony wong

    Anthony wong

    2020-01-20 10:52:45 From

    why read here when you can read elsewhere that already reached 400+ chapters for free


  • Mace Ecam

    Mace Ecam

    2020-01-20 09:44:16 From Ch. 232

    upspree ranzai 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  • Booty- Warrior

    Booty- Warrior

    2020-01-20 09:09:31 From



  • Lee Zumii

    Lee Zumii

    2020-01-20 05:22:32 From Ch. 232

    just have to wait for next saturday 😪 my patience.....this is my fav comic 😭 Thank you Author😇


  • ThousandSunny


    2020-01-20 05:04:54 From

    Why does this silly comment keep getting added to every new chapter?! It’s absolutely ridiculous! Everything about this comment has been completely over and done with for almost a month now. Just what is the point of even continuing to post it after every chapter?! It’s not Christmas anymore. It’s not New Years anymore. The coins reward was given away already, weeks ago! This comment is an eyesore!!


  • Samuel Lin

    Samuel Lin

    2020-01-20 03:52:52 From Ch. 232

    Go communicate with the stars Zen: the how what? Dragon: u communicate


  • Lucio Lala Adelaida

    Lucio Lala Adelaida

    2020-01-20 02:58:54 From Ch. 232

    see more ok wow


  • Nibedita Lenka

    Nibedita Lenka

    2020-01-20 02:06:36 From Ch. 69

    yes man it is a real dragon


  • Visitor 58058

    Visitor 58058

    2020-01-20 00:47:00 From

    Best Comic please keep posting, keep up the good work!🤗


  • Ilovemyself


    2020-01-20 00:01:04 From Ch. 232

    Zen:How am i supposed to communicate with the stars?!? Me: It's a really easy process. You stand up and yell,"HEY STARS CAN YOU LEND ME YOUR KNOWLEDGE?" and they wake right up, ignore you, and then ask the sun and moon for permission and Viola! You communicated with Stars.. Which is scientifically impossible, so you'd be the first person to do it, but at least you know something other ppl don't!!


  • reymark arevalo

    reymark arevalo

    2020-01-19 23:40:24 From Ch. 232

    You will see how lower realm is so big hahahaahahhaah


  • Hawachan is ready!

    Hawachan is ready!

    2020-01-19 21:51:15 From Ch. 232

    How do you communicate with stars? You communicate with stars! duh...



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