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Romance Phoenix Nirvana
Phoenix Nirvana Phoenix Nirvana
Phoenix Nirvana

Author: Ake

  • To rebirth is to leave past life
  • Uncover the secrets of shoujo's twice lifetime
  • No. 10 Most-praised in Historical list

She reborn twice. In her first lifetime, she could only be the other woman and was not even noticed by him. In the second time, she did anything to get him but finally was killed by him. She still loves him when she rebirth third times. But this time, she chooses to leave him as far as she can... (P.S. The reasons why she could rebirth twice will be revealed in later chapters)


  • Visitor 11886

    Visitor 11886

    2020-09-29 17:29:56 From Ch. 117

    finally!! someone said it,, the empress went back in time and in every one of those the emperor(and even her, to which she admitted) were a different person,, just because he was a jerk before doesnt mean he'll be a jerk forever,, its not like he knows 😑


  • Twitchy


    2020-09-29 06:20:58 From Ch. 116

    Doesn’t he just see her past life From her dagger


  • moonlight_frog


    2020-09-28 23:20:23 From Ch. 126

    Maybe there's no name for it? However, it seems potentially life-threatening.


  • Crazy Olivia

    Crazy Olivia

    2020-09-28 13:08:13 From Ch. 126

    So the Fl can't live of she is not with the Ml ?


  • Scarlett Maxwell

    Scarlett Maxwell

    2020-09-28 11:06:44 From Ch. 126

    Yeah badly but author and translator prefers that the readers become mad from waiting too long.


  • Miz I luv Spoi!€rs🌷

    Miz I luv Spoi!€rs🌷

    2020-09-28 04:14:21 From Ch. 84

    I still kinda want them together. He's seems to be different this life just like she's different & I hope his flashbacks make him see how he treated her before whether she was nice in the 1st life or vicious in the 2nd and that's why she's keeping her distance & doesn't trust he can really love her. I do have it against him though, that he always chose someone else to love, didn't cherish her love for him, & wasn't sincere. or honest to her at all in those lives.


  • Miz I luv Spoi!€rs🌷

    Miz I luv Spoi!€rs🌷

    2020-09-28 03:33:38 From Ch. 84

    Thanks for the information of how the story is going. I want them to be together this time, but I understand her feelings of giving up hope of him loving her after her previous lifetimes & just wants to prevent tragedies. And she can't let herself trust he really feels anything for her bc in the previous lives he was deceiving her. I hope the magic tree sees the real love of both of them & helps them overcome the obstacles even in themselves instead of working for the name she wrote on her board.


  • Dahlia Dahl

    Dahlia Dahl

    2020-09-27 21:07:09 From Ch. 126

    The emperor lied to his wife that he had the dr look at him, in truth he bribed the dr to look at his wife who is dying. Emperor doesn’t want to have his arm fixed bc he wants the empress to owe him so he can keep her around (manipulation)


  • Miz I luv Spoi!€rs🌷

    Miz I luv Spoi!€rs🌷

    2020-09-27 20:41:45 From Ch. 30

    I hope so too & that she's able to prevent those bad things from happening to her loved ones. I also wondeeif this time she actually wins the Emporer's heart so that he doesn't fall in love at first sight of Yun Rao because he's already interested in Zhen!


  • Aafy


    2020-09-27 18:16:42 From Ch. 129

    He kills Mo in both past life 😅


  • Sierrawr


    2020-09-27 17:07:41 From Ch. 129

    @Aviel StJanes definitely true in real life but I don't think I've seen too many examples of that in manga (specifically side characters, main leads sure) so that gives me a bit of hope for him. But thinking more about it, if the emperor ordered him to do something against her or the empress he definitely would so probably not a good setup.


  • Aviel StJanes

    Aviel StJanes

    2020-09-27 17:04:22 From Ch. 129

    yea but silly guys often end up the ones to be unable to refuse random hoes or even the hoes they know


  • wq


    2020-09-27 16:38:48 From Ch. 126

    I saw someone else comment that he wants her to be fertile so he can trap her with a baby. his so manipulative it's despicable. if he voiced how he felt about her instead, it'd be much better. but he's manipulated her some chapters before with the whole, watch me get poisoned to death situation. I don't trust him anymore


  • (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ShUchI(灬º‿º灬


    2020-09-27 16:35:47 From Ch. 126

    yep that's for sure.....👀👀👀


  • ninareya


    2020-09-27 09:32:50 From Ch. 114

    maybe she is too sick to have a child like Stealing Magnolias.


  • ninareya


    2020-09-27 06:39:29 From Ch. 83

    she is jealous why would she try to break them up.


  • ninareya


    2020-09-27 02:36:01 From Ch. 16 Illness



  • a.n


    2020-09-26 14:51:24 From Ch. 125

    where did you read it? :(


  • Arley


    2020-09-25 02:37:00 From Ch. 125

    Omg what a twist!


  • Visitor 40136

    Visitor 40136

    2020-09-24 13:17:11 From Ch. 125

    yeah yeah it's always is in his head. everything he imagines or Wt say misconceptions bleeh it's his fault.He said he loved her if love is like this she is better off without love that too with that scumbag emperor. I clearly remember the tree story on mountain after 2 continuous life after thousands of betrayals ,many disappointments ,again dying for him she just want to live her life once in 3 lifetimes I totally get GO GIRL and that scumbag he clearly didn't believed or loved her fully that too in two lifetimes so no need to waste this lifetime on him.It is better to let him go.Her soul got so tried she just want to sleep in her house with her father and brother thats it PERIOD



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