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Fantasy God Capturer
God Capturer God Capturer
God Capturer

Author: Skytree Comic Studio

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  • All events, characters and incidents portrayed in this comic are fictional.

When humans beat the gods with wisdom, they invent a series of entertainment activities about gods. They catch the gods and let them fight each other. That's how the GBA competition has become a popular sport for all mankind. MC who hates the gods, is a god master of "God Capturer" group, participating in the capture and training of gods. Freedom or destruction? Where will the human beings to go?


  • Quartermaster K

    Quartermaster K

    2019-12-29 13:10:45 From Ch. 49

    Well, while he may not have to force himself from his point of view it seems like the only option. Let’s pretend for a moment that they do end up capturing a god capable of healing his sister or something. Would you prioritize the helping of a direct relative to a person who participated in the operation. Or would you prioritize civilian a who is not in any significant position to make such a request. Look at it this way, if you’re a doctor or are in control of one would it benefit you to help the person offering the most resources first. Or the person who has an equal amount of resources as the rest of the population.


  • ♡иσ тαє иσ ʟιғυ♡

    ♡иσ тαє иσ ʟιғυ♡

    2019-12-28 06:26:44 From Ch. 47

    it cost 1 like only!😂


  • Visitor 13435

    Visitor 13435

    2019-12-25 14:12:29 From

    aisya r.m.


  • Sugar Z Blossom

    Sugar Z Blossom

    2019-12-23 06:12:10 From Ch. 47

    I'll take the bento and the 30th thing which is either meat or chicken thank you and how much is that


  • Visitor 21361

    Visitor 21361

    2019-12-16 05:56:37 From Ch. 12 Who Can Save My Sister?

    I am a army!! As well my friend angel liu is a big fan of jimin! She is also a great person, also likes BT21, and I do too!


  • Visitor 21361

    Visitor 21361

    2019-12-16 05:32:39 From Ch. 4

    This fight looks really cool, I hope the sister isn't gonna die for real!


  • Visitor 21361

    Visitor 21361

    2019-12-16 05:31:03 From Ch. 3

    I wonder who is going to win?


  • God of death

    God of death

    2019-12-09 00:19:11 From Ch. 49

    did you guys realised that the black blood flow from the nostrils?😂😂


  • Krezy king

    Krezy king

    2019-11-26 14:04:17 From Ch. 49

    I think there is one more way he is a water goddess master and water can also heal body so why didn't he ever think about to use her goddess to heal his little sister.


  • Visitor 78651

    Visitor 78651

    2019-11-26 06:42:56 From Ch. 7

    well this sucks the man just keep her in the woman’s what’s up man cannot hurt wouldn’t fit in with the surgeon is a book kind comments so I don’t care it is annoying that the man had women’s


  • Bud Villante

    Bud Villante

    2019-11-20 23:07:07 From

    trash author trash storyline just go home and drop this


  • Purplybubbles


    2019-11-11 09:25:43 From Ch. 49

    I wish the author would tell us why they stopped updating new chapters.


  • Marissa Luvn-life Abston

    Marissa Luvn-life Abston

    2019-11-06 15:11:36 From Ch. 2

    🙄 what a brat. if a god created you than that god can end you too. your lifespan is their decision because they had decided to even make you exist at all. how ungrateful


  • Affan


    2019-11-01 15:05:02 From

    I knew it, author can make tht fight(ch40+) at ch 29+ but author doesn't want to fast, because author want coin


  • Madinah Peters

    Madinah Peters

    2019-10-30 19:05:10 From Ch. 2

    Y’all seriously had to show her pants and shirt rip🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️


  • nivetha mohan

    nivetha mohan

    2019-10-28 04:58:12 From Ch. 49

    Ss i think this comic has stopped the updating


  • Oreomanda


    2019-10-23 07:58:10 From Ch. 1



  • Oreomanda


    2019-10-23 07:57:45 From Ch. 49

    it's been a years since this comic doesn't update


  • Ceazar Bernales

    Ceazar Bernales

    2019-10-07 08:56:11 From Ch. 49

    please write some more I really loved it


  • Frederic


    2019-10-02 17:26:45 From Ch. 49

    well, no update for a long time now



Ongoing, IDK(IDK)

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