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Historical The Butterfly Mystery
The Butterfly Mystery The Butterfly Mystery
The Butterfly Mystery

Author: Erciyuan

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  • The entanglement of love and hate, the fight of the opposing camps, the conspiracy planned by the real "evil" step by step...

Shangguan Lianlian pledged to marry Chuck Muir without parental consent, while Chuck Muir is suspected of being engaged to a daughter of a rich family. Lianlian was so sad and traveled to the ancient times... Involved in the legend that who drinks the Goddess from the Heavens' blood will live forever, she was chased by Guangling King's men. How does this couple which is separated by time and space, get together? A fantastic adventure of time and space is about to start!!!


  • Miki ishi

    Miki ishi

    2020-03-26 19:35:07 From Ch. 192

    we waited for 7days to update, yet this all we got... please stop showing those annoying supporting character


  • Lafayette


    2020-03-26 18:59:52 From Ch. 192

    It may be essential to the plot or a part of the bigger picture we need to see.


  • heartless girl

    heartless girl

    2020-03-26 18:08:10 From Ch. 192

    they are just thinking too highly of them


  • KinxMinx


    2020-03-26 17:39:30 From Ch. 125

    Isn't the King 5th Brother that hated him? And the imposter has to be the Master himself indisguise.. How else did she end up there in his place?...


  • Mystic Moon

    Mystic Moon

    2020-03-26 17:27:19 From Ch. 191

    nah... actually I think that this time they are doing something good. They don't have enmity with a little girl anyways so why be horrible to her.


  • Tao🌸Xuan


    2020-03-26 16:42:16 From Ch. 192

    Right, and no way will the be able to make a comeback🙄 the poison queen isn't that easy to deal with😏


  • 김책 초

    김책 초

    2020-03-26 15:22:12 From Ch. 192



  • Roza Rehman

    Roza Rehman

    2020-03-26 15:04:47 From Ch. 191

    why we have to first unlock previous chapter for unlocking new one🙄...


  • Mariya Asim

    Mariya Asim

    2020-03-26 14:40:37 From Ch. 192

    right... I m just getting a bit bored by it... It's not going anywhere... These maids are always plotting something and everyone knows that how evil they are yet no one keeps a watch on them... 😂


  • #btschibi😍


    2020-03-26 14:37:48 From Ch. 47

    i hope she won't steal the seal or something


  • chrishtiey smith

    chrishtiey smith

    2020-03-26 14:35:29 From Ch. 28

    thats right I m stil laughing.this is my 35times read this story from the begning.I love this comic.


  • Exactly


    2020-03-26 14:29:54 From Ch. 192

    upspree please!!Im bored here... I want to see more👀👀


  • Lim Jugyeong

    Lim Jugyeong

    2020-03-26 14:18:04 From Ch. 192

    i never scroll down this fast. I'm not interested with those shrek cousin


  • Matchinegun_187


    2020-03-26 14:14:37 From Ch. 192

    That last panel of Lvxiu’s reaction of what they said about yuangang makes me think that she might like him


  • Mrs Cho

    Mrs Cho

    2020-03-26 14:13:25 From Ch. 192

    is that lvxiu like yuangang? it is her second time she react about him 🤔 oh no, where is master and lianlian? 😣


  • mintgreen


    2020-03-26 14:08:42 From Ch. 192

    I'm pretty sure we all want to see master and Lilian together, instead of these B*tches.😒


  • wickedtrill


    2020-03-26 13:36:27 From Ch. 192

    kinda mean. let the author write what they want to write. if they wanna show side characters then they can. who cares if you wanna see main characters. you can wait be patient.


  • Lucio Lala Adelaida

    Lucio Lala Adelaida

    2020-03-26 13:30:34 From Ch. 192

    see more ok


  • Angel rose🎀

    Angel rose🎀

    2020-03-26 13:18:23 From Ch. 192

    even supporting characters deserve their stories ,i support you author, without supporting characters, there's no drama ,plot in a comic ,nothing ,they are great


  • Forever ATINY

    Forever ATINY

    2020-03-26 12:59:53 From Ch. 192

    Hmm... Btw, where's that damn bish QiaoXin??? I can't wait for karma to hit her 😈😈😈



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