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Fantasy Bride of the Dawn
Bride of the Dawn Bride of the Dawn
Bride of the Dawn

Author: 岛上project

3436.8k READ NOW
  • Forbidden love between vampire prince and human girl. The comic version of Twilight.
  • A bunch of hot vampire hunks, which one will you pick?
  • A comic that will surely arouse your desire for love! What are you waiting for? Tap to read now!

When vampire prince falls in love with a normal human girl, this was supposed to be a legendary interracial love story. But hardly do we really know the schemes and fights between different vampire clans. What follows is a story of a cat and mouse chase between mortals and supernatural beings and the answer to the most fundamental question of the story: whether true love will prevail and overcome the age-old hatred between two species at war, humans and vampires.


  • kookie💜


    2020-02-27 09:44:04 From Ch. 371

    it's in description u can see there


  • ~<Oofer>~


    2020-02-27 09:01:49 From

    Can you make a bloopers?? Dab and Floss 😂


  • Lazy Turtle

    Lazy Turtle

    2020-02-27 08:43:43 From Ch. 373

    Umm... I think he is gonna use Nessa's royal blood to wake up the demon to save her sweetheart Yavanna...How cruel:( Well it's just a guess I ain't know what's gonna happen but I'm pretty excited....


  • shubhada kasare

    shubhada kasare

    2020-02-27 08:15:19 From Ch. 370

    Levi bruh 😭💕💕💕💕💕


  • can i get a UwU

    can i get a UwU

    2020-02-27 07:54:24 From

    Can you make more alos and dawn pervy moments 😏😂


  • can i get a UwU

    can i get a UwU

    2020-02-27 07:51:43 From Ch. 373

    It’s the shower scene again guys 👀😏


  • Mi-Shi 💕

    Mi-Shi 💕

    2020-02-27 07:48:13 From Ch. 373

    Did we just lost Nessa 🥺🥺🥺🥺


  • Shivani Thakuri

    Shivani Thakuri

    2020-02-27 05:48:41 From Ch. 103

    wow.... what a chapter.... it was so cool and so dramatic..... I love the way dawn reacted.... she going to be a queen but a good one...


  • Googlə


    2020-02-27 05:32:16 From Ch. 373

    mhm and Nessa needs to stay.


  • Jenni Debi

    Jenni Debi

    2020-02-27 04:15:16 From

    note to author: when will this comics over it's so tiring to read this and it only has same plot like tzimisces kidnaps someone and someone rescues them so its a cycle of same plot please finish this comic as soon as possible


  • Ariyonna Freeman

    Ariyonna Freeman

    2020-02-27 04:11:22 From Ch. 198

    awww the way he swallowed her in his arms


  • Kawaii Potato ♡

    Kawaii Potato ♡

    2020-02-27 03:48:10 From Ch. 373

    Yavanna needs to go. 😂


  • Junette Rose

    Junette Rose

    2020-02-27 03:44:45 From Ch. 373

    omg they are going to use the lil cousin for the sacrifice aren't they? 😢😱


  • Kchimmy


    2020-02-27 02:13:06 From Ch. 169

    Levy I’m on ur side this time.....it’s really awkward I feel bad 😞


  • Aleena Som9G

    Aleena Som9G

    2020-02-27 02:00:45 From Ch. 373

    She was trying to protect


  • Visitor 98266

    Visitor 98266

    2020-02-27 01:21:30 From Ch. 3



  • Tiny T

    Tiny T

    2020-02-27 00:38:19 From Ch. 373

    dean come save nessa


  • Charles Mary

    Charles Mary

    2020-02-27 00:30:34 From Ch. 373

    U Isaac U gonna die bisshh!!! Dean pls help Nessa😭😭I hope dean will help or someone coz if not maybe Isaac will bring Nessa to the demon😭😭


  • MB9C


    2020-02-27 00:16:35 From Ch. 370

    Why not both?


  • HitandRunLoveForever


    2020-02-26 23:41:18 From Ch. 373

    I read the last part like little red riding hood with purple hair angry at her mother because She's in LOVE and the big bad wolf with blue hair came to kill her.Ahhhh.



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