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Fantasy Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen
Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen
Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen

Author: HangMan (Manyu)

  • If you also like a comic with revenge and an able leading female character, you won't miss this one!
  • Is the fiance in her previous life her enemy or...?

What Chu Chi faced on the wedding day was not happiness and desired future, but the murder of her sister and the heartlessness of her fiancé. Pushed down from the roof, Chu Chi clearly saw their ferocious smiling faces. After rebirth, returning to the place where the plot just begin, how will Chu Chi changer her destiny?


  • jadeempress


    2020-08-06 21:10:43 From Ch. 161

    It’s her parents fault Her mom plotted and got pregnant for a married man intentionally so that she’ll use the child for profit so binger wasn’t taught well and the dad too would have prevented all this by forcing her to take contraceptives the next day


  • Teleri


    2020-08-06 20:11:49 From Ch. 161

    it is her mom's fault and also her father's to not teach her well.


  • KatiaSunna


    2020-08-06 19:34:16 From Ch. 161

    Agree. Bingers mom kinda changed a bit... sorta.. and currently wants her daughter to get along with Chu Chi. Binger is too stubborn


  • Cold Meow🐱

    Cold Meow🐱

    2020-08-06 19:09:40 From Ch. 161

    how can step sister be blood related?🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻


  • Cold Meow🐱

    Cold Meow🐱

    2020-08-06 19:09:01 From Ch. 161

    did u forget the story?👁👄👁 She drugged him and while he was asleep she got herself pregnant


  • ฅʕ。•-•。ʔฅ


    2020-08-06 18:30:48 From Ch. 161

    This isn't even all the things that she's done and there's more. This bish just literally go and act stupid and innocent like she didn't just tried to kill her own sister and then always be like "Sorry I tried to kill you but I won't ever learn my lesson and will try to kill you again every time" like WTF!


  • Secret Starlight

    Secret Starlight

    2020-08-06 18:27:39 From Ch. 161

    even her mom is tired of her sh*tty shenanigans 🤡


  • Tongti Longchar

    Tongti Longchar

    2020-08-06 18:25:01 From Ch. 158

    @crazyreader:Even that is right but she has the reason why she won't want to listen to it because everything that has happened she had her patience almost everytime but now that she was injured and then again she's hearing that news is a bit too much It's just that everything has to be turmoil for the exact lovely plot to come out


  • Sophia Viteri

    Sophia Viteri

    2020-08-06 18:20:25 From Ch. 161

    Why the [email protected]#k isn’t she in jail?!


  • princess belle

    princess belle

    2020-08-06 18:18:37 From Ch. 161

    don't feel bad for the step mom she is the source of all evil she destroyed her friend life kept trying to seduce her husband and when she failed she druged and raped got pregnant to tie him down by force the poor wife thought her husband has betrayed her with her best friend was so broken and died young😭😭 and that shamless woman took her rightful place and and raised her daughter to be a horrible person who wants to torture and kill her sister just who are you pitying!!


  • Visitor 51772

    Visitor 51772

    2020-08-06 18:08:45 From Ch. 160

    you know I had to go back to the beginning to reread it, because I too was hating on the ML because he was on the roof. But I wonder if he was really there or was it here imagination from the trauma and the words of that Bitch-ster of hers. then later on with the words of the psychiatrist he was like sometimes your mind thinks the worst and make you see things that are not there(or true). So I think its definitely misunderstandings and whatnot. so I can't hate him the past life but I am a little disappointed in him in this life


  • kawaiiproduction


    2020-08-06 18:04:42 From Ch. 161

    you know, for once I feel bad for the step mom


  • Lucy Heart ❤️ 💜🧡

    Lucy Heart ❤️ 💜🧡

    2020-08-06 18:04:12 From Ch. 157

    Because she is one ☝️


  • Edna


    2020-08-06 18:03:23 From Ch. 161

    idt she can be, she was clearly caught trying to kill her sister and she thinks she didn't do anything wrong. I would have pressed chargers after everything she did😤


  • Rebecca15


    2020-08-06 17:46:10 From Ch. 46

    I agree 💯% , why pay for wifi when ur kidnapper is giving it to u for free.


  • Shiho Kiryuu

    Shiho Kiryuu

    2020-08-06 17:38:19 From Ch. 160

    It keeps on getting shorter. 😭


  • ksj friends🙄😍🐯

    ksj friends🙄😍🐯

    2020-08-06 17:28:50 From Ch. 160

    Her sister is a psycho


  • Allie Jackson

    Allie Jackson

    2020-08-06 17:25:23 From Ch. 34

    justice never ever severed


  • Crystal wolf UWU

    Crystal wolf UWU

    2020-08-06 16:28:27 From Ch. 140

    honestly it's jigniam fault too he needs to stay out of it >:(


  • Constance5W


    2020-08-06 16:27:09 From Ch. 141




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