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Drama Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen
Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen
Strategy of Reborn Movie Queen

Author: HangMan (Manyu)

  • If you also like a comic with revenge and an able leading female character, you won't miss this one!
  • Is the fiance in her previous life her enemy or...?

What Chu Chi faced on the wedding day was not happiness and desired future, but the murder of her sister and the heartlessness of her fiancé. Pushed down from the roof, Chu Chi clearly saw their ferocious smiling faces. After rebirth, returning to the place where the plot just begin, how will Chu Chi changer her destiny?


  • LinaStar


    2020-10-24 02:26:41 From Ch. 184

    Just letting you know these short chaps are because usually they are rushed to meet dates or else they won’t get paid. Some authors are more quality than quantity and it usually takes a week or all nighters to get even one page done for great quality. That’s why you see many mangas are either on hold or never done because of such stressful environments and sometimes the author’s health suffer. You can blame the people who are overworking the authors because of money. Remember, these comics are from China and then translated here. It is probably because it is in such high demand to get these chapters out that the chapters are shorter. Also, translating isn’t easy either. I sympathize for their hard work. I’ve seen how these people work it isn’t easy at all. We should blame the management for putting the stress on authors to meet due dates. They are the reasons why authors suffer health wise.


  • Bayya


    2020-10-23 23:52:52 From Ch. 184

    Skip a few chapters and read at one go.


  • JJlyn


    2020-10-23 23:33:35 From Ch. 184

    Every time the same plot & framing.... Getting Boring....


  • CountessTyrant


    2020-10-23 23:07:23 From Ch. 183

    Yall are seriously TRIPPING trying to tell another person what to say, think, and feel about THEIR manhua experience.. If you are OK with the chapter length that's YOU.. How ENTITLED were you raised to think you can force your thoughts on other people and even tell them WHAT TO SAY? Grow UP


  • Edna


    2020-10-23 20:59:23 From Ch. 184

    you are completely right, the other format was more satisfying, these shot blips fill like being cheated worse. and everyone throwing shade grow up🙄


  • Loki0


    2020-10-23 19:12:10 From Ch. 184

    Clearly you don’t see the author/s as human.


  • visitor-san


    2020-10-23 19:07:19 From Ch. 184

    I can not in nderstand the mental gymnastics it takes any of them to get there. Does the dad not remember the mother tried to kill chu chi this morning, Bing er tried to kill her with a car last month, And a few more between the poisoning from chapter one?? Like how is this father such a complete idiot. Even if chu chi did try to kill Bing er it so ld be justified self defense, not even revenge.


  • Zarin Ali

    Zarin Ali

    2020-10-23 19:03:27 From Ch. 183

    Honestly, my issue is not what he did in the last life but what he did in this. Before she was reborn in this life he was always rude to her. Only when she stopped giving him attention he started going after her. I’m sorry but I don’t believe in second chances all the time. Some times you should just move on and chu chi should do the same.


  • PinkLemonade<3


    2020-10-23 18:44:14 From Ch. 184

    Well i guess a short chapter is better than nothing.... but its still kind of annoying, i finnished reading this in 20 seconds 😔


  • Elizabeth Darby

    Elizabeth Darby

    2020-10-23 18:37:58 From Ch. 184

    At least the author is updating. Be grateful you are getting a chapter anyway.


  • Chandler, Lawrence

    Chandler, Lawrence

    2020-10-23 18:35:12 From Ch. 184

    I already know you're going to run up there wagging your tail like a good puppet, whilst she tugs on your string to strangle your heart


  • AaLiyah KriEssha

    AaLiyah KriEssha

    2020-10-23 09:43:46 From Ch. 55



  • AaLiyah KriEssha

    AaLiyah KriEssha

    2020-10-23 09:12:38 From Ch. 40

    wow luffy


  • Breana James

    Breana James

    2020-10-23 09:07:23 From Ch. 183

    great idea for the next chapter


  • Visitor 40840

    Visitor 40840

    2020-10-23 06:53:21 From Ch. 55

    exactly!! why does this granny support the illegitimate child more hahahahahaha


  • Wayne Jashnine L. Qu

    Wayne Jashnine L. Qu

    2020-10-23 06:01:45 From Ch. 157

    I wouldn't say alien, but maybe a spawn from hell?


  • MiaPoza


    2020-10-23 02:49:06 From Ch. 55

    exactly.. will see how grandma treats that evil sister when things come to clear view with her two faced self. 'karma'


  • Kiley Duncan

    Kiley Duncan

    2020-10-23 00:49:08 From Ch. 70

    what heck no


  • Kiley Duncan

    Kiley Duncan

    2020-10-23 00:34:08 From Ch. 66

    mee 2


  • Kiley Duncan

    Kiley Duncan

    2020-10-23 00:24:43 From Ch. 63

    😢😢😢that sad



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