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Romance My Toxic Concubine
My Toxic Concubine My Toxic Concubine
My Toxic Concubine

Author: Fanciyuan

  • Travelling through time and becoming a girl who is countrified and fat, let’s see how the leading lady will change into a goddess, punish bitches and become an apple in the eyes of different handsome men!
  • A modern goddess travels back to ancient times and proves herself with her excellent medical skills.
  • Instead of a dead one, the man who she has ONS with should be a handsome lord who is alive, and he even forces her to sleep with him?!

Transporting back in time, she becomes a little fatty? It is widely believed that the first born of the general is weak and can be bullied randomly. Good! Then she’ll show them what she can do! Flirting with handsome boys and punishing angelic bitches... but happy hours are always fleeting. Why does her arrogant uncle come to her? What is double cultivation? Uncle, don’t get in her way, see how she will prevail!


  • Brenda Portillo

    Brenda Portillo

    2021-01-21 00:21:09 From Ch. 15

    holy shit busted and I was so into that 😍😘


  • phiu veer

    phiu veer

    2021-01-20 10:08:41 From Ch. 24

    it not our boy it is uncle


  • Gabriella J.J.

    Gabriella J.J.

    2021-01-20 04:23:46 From Ch. 4

    Yup true cuz when she lose weight he won't know its her or not


  • Gabriella J.J.

    Gabriella J.J.

    2021-01-20 04:09:13 From Ch. 2

    Like for real though 😒😒🙄🙄


  • Singal Pingal UwU

    Singal Pingal UwU

    2021-01-19 18:19:28 From Ch. 19



  • Tifa for Life

    Tifa for Life

    2021-01-19 05:48:54 From Ch. 11

    u gotta admire her how hard she is doing


  • Visitor 17310

    Visitor 17310

    2021-01-06 20:58:28 From Ch. 24

    nooooooo! it's because right the first time they met he was to shy to tell her he love her then it was too late but then he was jealous


  • jame


    2021-01-06 17:59:34 From Ch. 21

    be gone thot b***😬


  • jame


    2021-01-06 11:57:36 From Ch. 3

    me:oh no what am gonna do brain:nah you should not worried about this mind:yep we already have something for you 😏👌


  • paris alguedowan

    paris alguedowan

    2021-01-03 20:09:17 From Ch. 22

    dis wah does get the story juicey tell me have you ever read a romance comic on webcomics and they in get a person like her who ready to break up the relationship


  • Yumi Shayne Marcelo

    Yumi Shayne Marcelo

    2021-01-03 00:49:42 From Ch. 68

    no she can do it without uncle


  • Jay jay Y

    Jay jay Y

    2020-12-27 15:23:09 From Ch. 1

    Isn’t she supposed to be a child? They’ll probably just say that she 18 so she can get with the ML😭🤚🏽


  • Marna Gamkak

    Marna Gamkak

    2020-12-26 16:45:11 From Ch. 88

    just what i thought too... and the guy in the tree what happened to him?


  • Jhingky's N. Exnowsk

    Jhingky's N. Exnowsk

    2020-12-26 09:41:52 From Ch. 8

    I get the Love between you and me vibes!!


  • 🤡psycho🤡


    2020-12-25 22:30:16 From Ch. 22

    😞sigh true it's to frustrating


  • janelle aragua

    janelle aragua

    2020-12-19 14:06:47 From Ch. 88

    its still not enough. even though im quite satisfied with the ending there's still unanswered question.


  • janelle aragua

    janelle aragua

    2020-12-19 14:04:39 From Ch. 88

    then what about that guy on the three? he said they're still too young so,he will wait until they're old enough? what will happen at that time then?


  • ZayenMoster Generosa

    ZayenMoster Generosa

    2020-12-16 10:03:42 From Ch. 82

    ml means mobile legends 🤣😂🤣✌


  • 💜Park joanna x JM💛

    💜Park joanna x JM💛

    2020-12-14 12:17:40 From Ch. 17

    I think it's better to call him onii-chan, senpai or onii-sama.. Even though that is Japanese but still sounds better than uncle 😑😑😑


  • Butterfly girl 🌟

    Butterfly girl 🌟

    2020-12-12 17:00:12 From Ch. 80

    congratulations 👏 👏



Completed, IDK(IDK)

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