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Boys' Love Something Like Summer
Something Like Summer Something Like Summer
Something Like Summer

Author: Jay Bell

79.4k READ NOW
  • Jay Bell's bestselling novels, the Something Like... series, are retold in vivid color, the story now accompanied by Cassy Fallon's evocative art.
  • This adaptation is the perfect starting point for newcomers, while those familiar with the books and movie will discover fresh twists and turns.
  • Experience a love story like no other in this emotional and yet uplifting comic!

The hot Texas nights were lonely for Ben before his heart began beating to the rhythm of two words; Tim Wyman. By all appearances, Tim had the perfect body and ideal life, but when a not-so-accidental collision brings them together, Ben discovers that the truth is rarely so simple. If winning Tim's heart was an impossible quest, keeping it would prove even harder as family, society, and emotion threaten to tear them apart.


  • Visitor 52018

    Visitor 52018

    2020-02-25 17:54:16 From Ch. 1

    absulotely what gang is if thre is no girls.right?


  • duckmyduckylifeoof


    2020-02-24 17:37:47 From Ch. 3

    mission: Kill your crush *successfully completed 👍"


  • Visitor 64697

    Visitor 64697

    2020-02-24 13:21:50 From Ch. 3

    Just me or does it look like he’s on his period


  • Visitor 14367

    Visitor 14367

    2020-02-24 00:35:10 From Ch. 0 Prologue

    He’s finna get caught 😳


  • Ite☘okuya


    2020-02-23 17:39:36 From Ch. 3

    Gahhh! people people so stupid


  • Yaaaasss Billie 😜😝

    Yaaaasss Billie 😜😝

    2020-02-23 08:24:11 From Ch. 3

    Also just because the OP didn't say something that made it seem like they didn't read the story before commenting doesn't mean they didn't read the story, you just assumed they didn't read the story because you took the comment too seriously and didn't take the time to read and actually understand the comment


  • Yaaaasss Billie 😜😝

    Yaaaasss Billie 😜😝

    2020-02-23 08:20:23 From Ch. 3

    But he has been following him and that is why the OP said what they said, so stop thinking too hard in this situation


  • Emily Furtick

    Emily Furtick

    2020-02-23 01:58:25 From Ch. 3

    i watch the movie on 123movies


  • Kawaii Ki

    Kawaii Ki

    2020-02-22 19:43:14 From Ch. 3

    okay but for real tho that guy is a jackass to think he did it on purpose and talk so rude with him >:/


  • Patines Coanitionis

    Patines Coanitionis

    2020-02-22 13:09:37 From Ch. 3

    It was very clever to let damaged person breake down the fence.


  • trare fatima

    trare fatima

    2020-02-22 07:01:32 From Ch. 3



  • Visitor 96263

    Visitor 96263

    2020-02-22 05:09:33 From Ch. 3



  • Steve The Sheep

    Steve The Sheep

    2020-02-22 04:33:25 From Ch. 1

    I absolutely ADORE this art style!!


  • DatB*tch 🤓

    DatB*tch 🤓

    2020-02-22 03:02:12 From Ch. 3

    That was not what they implied that he was a lovesick fool that was just saying it reminded them of that time and made a comparison to this and I can tell you were serious because you explained what he was actually doing


  • Alexis Denney

    Alexis Denney

    2020-02-22 03:00:33 From Ch. 3

    omg it is a guy named david santos i think played in it


  • GoddessOfLazySouls


    2020-02-22 02:57:44 From Ch. 3

    Already watched the movie and I am pretty satisfied Tim will have a girlfriend and Ben will fall in love with chase another character who he meet in the airplane. They both have a good relationship with their partner before the playful destiny makes their paths crossed and I'll let you guy's know the rest😊😘


  • Alexis Denney

    Alexis Denney

    2020-02-22 02:56:10 From Ch. 3

    really oh well...thats cool I guess well now I know ya thx (awkward)lol


  • Melissa Smith9S

    Melissa Smith9S

    2020-02-22 02:52:13 From Ch. 3

    yes there is. it's called something like forever. came out in 2017. the author wrote like six books in the series and now turning it into a comic


  • Rohey Jammeh

    Rohey Jammeh

    2020-02-22 02:48:28 From Ch. 3

    I call mature content it just a feeling idk 😄


  • Cynthia Landriault

    Cynthia Landriault

    2020-02-22 02:23:17 From Ch. 3

    I am imagining things? 🙈 I was sure this was a repeat chapter 🤔 but now It have only 3 chapter. I was further in the story than 3.. 😅 I'm confused..



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