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Comedy Boyfriend Skirt
Boyfriend Skirt Boyfriend Skirt
Boyfriend Skirt

Author: Klacember

  • "Excuse me, I think those skirts would look great on you"

Akihiro befriends a new student at his school. Chaos and comedy ensues~


  • Roses k5

    Roses k5

    2021-03-06 21:21:50 From

    i wake up everyday just to see if its updeted.


  • ❝[💛]❞ℕ𝔸ℕℂ𝕐ྂ🍋💎᭄


    2021-03-06 19:24:32 From

    author, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS AMAZING COMIC!!!! the art work is really really prettyand the story is really really interesting. eachcharacters has there own different personality that makes each of them special. like my fav character right now is BOBA BOY, cuz he really entertain us in his own unique way 😂and killer kousuke ..... I Love him And I wish his dream to see class rep in skirts Comes true'🤣so far, the story has a lot of plot twist which made it impossible for me to stop reading! I would like to thank the author very verymuch...)😍😍❤️❤️😘😘😘😘


  • Micci🦋


    2021-03-06 18:09:37 From

    It’s THE BEST gay comic I’ve ever read.. I’m literally checking every day if there’s new episode, and if not I’m re-reading old chapters again and again. Those starring moments are hilarious..😂 Haven’t seen any comic having it, nor this way of drawing, which is very unique🦋 All the best and keep going with this kind of comics (especially this one) 💜🥰


  • sʜɪɴʏ_ sᴛᴀʀsシ

    sʜɪɴʏ_ sᴛᴀʀsシ

    2021-03-06 17:44:56 From

    I really like it it's my fav but pls don't make it for gems!


  • MiKiRa


    2021-03-06 14:52:07 From Ch. 26

    yeah so legendary


  • SomebodyHere


    2021-03-06 08:31:04 From Ch. 49

    👀 Chiaki Pfp


  • ishipit1


    2021-03-06 06:35:13 From

    I know right I'm happy this comic is getting more attention I've been on the app for a long time and I starting reading this When only 1 chapter was out :D I very much enjoy webcomics happy my favorite comic is being noticed ❤️


  • Kayano


    2021-03-06 06:15:45 From

    It's a hilarious comic😂 I really like it because of it😋and the characters are sooooooooo great and I 💕the story Sankyou for this comic author 😁🙃


  • HAPPY 🥳

    HAPPY 🥳

    2021-03-06 05:35:04 From Ch. 49

    dumbass wtf man 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣💅💅💅💅


  • H


    2021-03-06 05:05:09 From

    I think the comic is perfect, you guys' imagination is wild and never stop to impress me. What I would really like to see as a spice in the story is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Aki dressed as a wizard with a skirt on, and him beating Kousuke in Jiu-Jitsu in the skirt. Like this would be Aki's opportunity to beat kousuke in a physical activity. Kousuke would be so dumfounded that he wouldn't even remember if he's breathing in the right way. 🤣


  • H


    2021-03-06 04:56:58 From

    You might think that it's not true but I really like you! Like you seem a fun person and all, I would love to be friends with you (don't mind me confessing and friendzoning in the same text lol) Have a nice day/morning/night! ✌️out Hope this maxe the person reading this text smile, even if it's just a little bit ฅʕ•ᴥ•ʔฅ


  • Lee Belisle

    Lee Belisle

    2021-03-06 03:17:31 From

    The story is honestly a great comic relief and I like how slow paced it is plus I have a crush on them ALL


  • u dont know me🙃🙃

    u dont know me🙃🙃

    2021-03-06 03:09:53 From

    this is a very awesome bl story cause its funny,it has school and yes this is a very awesome story i cant explain it in words and jian is so funny i dunno why but whenever he brought up the boba subject i would start laughing and author thank you for making this story free im so grateful for it cause im broke as hecc😄😊😁


  • Roxanne Smith

    Roxanne Smith

    2021-03-06 03:06:49 From

    the story is pretty slow paced but it's really funny


  • ❤Dabi Todoroki❤

    ❤Dabi Todoroki❤

    2021-03-06 02:15:06 From Ch. 49

    was literally looking at the comments to see if anyone said that cuz I JUST now noticed that lol


  • Deep-sea Fish

    Deep-sea Fish

    2021-03-05 23:55:19 From

    awesome story, very funny


  • Zyair Akaria

    Zyair Akaria

    2021-03-05 23:37:47 From

    I love everything in this story especially how the art style somewhat changes over the chapters- Author you did a really amazing job with everything here! the style, the little funny moments. it's really amazing work!!!


  • Tunmy Raymond

    Tunmy Raymond

    2021-03-05 23:35:05 From Ch. 49

    me too


  • Visitor58840


    2021-03-05 23:27:09 From Q&A

    onggg i was reading it dyinggg of laughter and i was like THERES NO WAYYY😂


  • Visitor58840


    2021-03-05 23:26:00 From

    this story is hilarioussss BUT THE AUDIENCEE HAD ME ROLLINGGGG😭 pleaseee keep it up cuz this is really good😩 thank you author for giving something good to read when life gets welll...you know boring😂 chilly anywaysss i didn't mean to write a whole paragraph here but keep up the good work cuz i'm high key loving this😌



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