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Boys' Love Obliviously In Love
Obliviously In Love Obliviously In Love
Obliviously In Love

Author: Jiaoski

  • It has a cute art style (though there are major changes between the first few chapters), cute characters and a refreshing story line.

Just a story between two highschool boys, who start off as friends and turn into something more.


  • ♡*BL4Life!*♡


    2021-01-17 08:10:33 From Ch. 4 Intros

    Nice, also I'm already loving the art for this one. it's refreshing. ❤


  • Nuwandi Chethana

    Nuwandi Chethana

    2021-01-16 11:34:09 From Ch. 4 Intros

    even if you say its for 🍪plot reasons🍪 if you don't like that the bi character is top then make your own story having the bi character as a bottom, you don't need to have a skill for drawing just a plot that is good will do, also please act at least a bit mature than this, arguing it with people doesn't help your case in either way


  • Nuwandi Chethana

    Nuwandi Chethana

    2021-01-16 11:30:40 From Ch. 4 Intros

    no need to be rude with other people about your opinion


  • Nuwandi Chethana

    Nuwandi Chethana

    2021-01-16 11:30:06 From Ch. 4 Intros

    also even if its common or not in real life its fine! its just a fictional story for people to enjoy


  • Nuwandi Chethana

    Nuwandi Chethana

    2021-01-16 11:28:45 From Ch. 4 Intros

    @Jimbo's fair elmntn just accept it dude/dudette it makes a good story plus its fiction its the authors decision to make their genders not yours, yes its your opinion and whatnot, but still! you don't have to argue with other commentators for you dumb opinion, everyone's opinions are different, so not everyone is gonna think the same as you and will bring it up. at least be sensible/mature about it this is just a comic, you're arguing about a fictional character's gender stop it and be mature about it! if its a critic you're gonna make be mature about it and don't argue with people in the comment section like a immature teenager, even if you are a teenager be mature about it. you should complain that every BL has the same gender conception, if you don't like that then make one of your own, like a story/novel and post it here in the novel section. jeez


  • Sam Hyun Jae

    Sam Hyun Jae

    2021-01-16 07:57:33 From Ch. 4 Intros

    Bruh stawp fighting 😒 its common! idk where you got that brain of yours not to be rude


  • Yoosung★


    2021-01-14 23:20:04 From Ch. 4 Intros



  • Jimbo's fair elmntn

    Jimbo's fair elmntn

    2021-01-14 23:19:23 From Ch. 4 Intros

    yes thats what i said 🍪plot reasons🍪


  • wangyiboooo


    2021-01-14 23:18:22 From Ch. 4 Intros

    im asking you nicely please dont call me boo and i clearly do understand im repeating exactly what you have said but factually proven yo wrong thats why you cant grasp the situation... i get that its not common but like it happens and its a fictional story so for a plot the character may bisexual to have an ex girlfriend arch...


  • wangyiboooo


    2021-01-14 23:15:50 From Ch. 4 Intros

    one, not your boo. and two, well yeah its not as common because a bi person is open to females and males so they can swing either way and wont always end up with a male... do you know how bisexuality works?


  • wangyiboooo


    2021-01-14 23:12:48 From Ch. 4 Intros

    you said its not common for a bi and gay to be in a relationship so why do they do it in BL, so yes i understood and im factually telling you what is right, bi and gay will happen in a bl because it happens irl, and once again its a made up webcomic so if a bi wants a gay guy...


  • wangyiboooo


    2021-01-14 23:10:07 From Ch. 4 Intros

    its also fictional, so tis not that important but bi and gay couples happen otherwise whats the point of saying you are bi if you are not? whats he gonna so be with a straight guy?


  • Zaina ZainaldeenValt

    Zaina ZainaldeenValt

    2021-01-14 09:28:55 From

    😒😑 Aoi


  • Yikes.this_mf.again


    2021-01-14 00:10:16 From Ch. 4 Intros

    it's much more common than you think


  • Visitor 01322

    Visitor 01322

    2021-01-12 21:50:50 From Ch. 2 - Late



  • ✨_theonewhoanidiot_✨


    2021-01-12 16:07:21 From Ch. 2 - Late



  • ☆~årı~☆


    2021-01-12 09:39:23 From Ch. 1- Late

    interesting and wait i have same outfit 😂


  • PlyingPish


    2021-01-12 04:41:49 From Ch. 1- Late

    I was supposed to be late but excuses keep coming out of my mouth and sometimes I was honest... they didn't mark me late.


  • Visitor 07146

    Visitor 07146

    2021-01-11 19:52:31 From

    Do u guys know when the chapters will come out?? I’m too excited 😝


  • ジェネビーブオロ


    2021-01-10 13:20:16 From

    same... I even told my sister we don't have internet because she's playing ML but she said na she have an internet naman daw



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