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Romance CEO's Sudden Proposal
CEO's Sudden Proposal CEO's Sudden Proposal
CEO's Sudden Proposal

Author: Ake

  • 2018 Webcomics Season 3, most anticipated comic list
  • Filled with romantic and comedic moments

"To be my wife, three conditions that you must have." "What?" "Like my sweet words, like be taken care of and like to be spoiled."


  • Dizzione


    2021-06-25 04:03:36 From Ch. 339

    Anyone Question : Hazel is a family medicine doctor or a medical doctor with loads of doctor friends and coworkers.... wouldn't she know all the risks and/or side effects that comes with pregnancy? and being the smart and level headed person she is wouldn't she plan for counter measures for these situations? I mean they had a disagreement before Jason could speak and she just left and stayed at her parents house for a few days and calmed down. and is this chick like the one to try and get Aaron and they were barely having dex then. Soooo how does abortion make since with that track record?


  • MyEnvy


    2021-06-25 01:52:39 From Ch. 339

    I agree with nyanko-sensei on the point Hazel is insecure. Aaron use to be very cautious of foreign scent on him but his secretary keeps falling and at some point he started coming back frequently with a woman's perfume on him, this is suspicious. Then seeing them together doing grocery shopping during work hours and hugging in the store (since Jia has her balance impaired) was confirming her suspicions. Aaron never felt the need to talk about the secretary who keeps falling into his arms since he's not cheating. The 3rd time, Hazel sees them hugging at her front door. So of course she's mad. We all know it's a misunderstanding because we know it all (Jia is a gold digger scheming to seduce Aaron). But from Hazel's point of view it's quite normal she thinks her husband, the rich and handsome guy, is cheating while his wife is “unavailable” because she's pregnant.


  • Kei Tsukishima

    Kei Tsukishima

    2021-06-25 01:38:55 From Ch. 224

    I noticed that Clara's dress is the same when the time she gave birth🙂🤣


  • MyEnvy


    2021-06-25 01:37:26 From Ch. 338

    After thinking about it, I believe this is because of the point of view the author gave us. We all know that Jia is a gold digger, set traps to seduce Aaron who didn't fall for them as he didn't cheat on his wife and for Hazel to be suspicious. But for Hazel, she only has her husband coming back from work late with heavy woman's perfume on his clothes several times, then she witness them together shopping and finally she sees them hugging.


  • Lucy Twilight

    Lucy Twilight

    2021-06-25 00:49:28 From Ch. 339

    Should definitely blame her, there has not been one clear evidence of him cheating. So what if she saw him at the markets and he didn’t realise she was there, all she had to do was call out his name and he would’ve come running. The matter about the jacket, he has clearly told her a few chapters back that he took his drunk worker home and his jacket smelled disgusting so he put it in the rubbish bin. I understand that she’s pregnant, she can be very emotional and irrational, but aborting a child out of context and not fully understanding the truth is stupid. Communication isn’t easy, especially if you don’t tell your spouse your worries or even call out his name in a supermarket when you see him, because you know he has telepathy and could immediately sense that his wife is watching him pick fruits. Though I understand where you’re coming from, I believe this was way too exaggerated and the author has turn Hazel into an irrational and crazy instead of the calm and smart person that she is. In my opinion I fully blame her for blowing things up when there was no fire to start with


  • Chrity88 Dorsa

    Chrity88 Dorsa

    2021-06-25 00:07:36 From Ch. 339

    First of thank you for a wonderful story. Second of thank you for sharing. Also I totally agree with that statement. HAZEL is very smart, understanding and always fight her battle rationally. It doesn't matter what the situation is, Hazel always think twice, investigate and come up with the truth. My big surprise and disappointment is her talking about abortion at night and went for it the next morning. Knowing Aaron and Hazel they both are fighters and family is everything to them. He wouldn't dare hurt her and she wouldn't hurt him because at the end of the day, they went through worst before. Last time she got kidnapped, he was drugged and got a naked woman in the room with him and had to cut his wrist to stay conscious to not give in. Pregnant or not, hormones or not when you have a long history of female going after your men or husband and try taking you down to make it easy. You both stood by each other and solve the issue and move on. So author, I'm sure it's a mistake just as Dr. Allen was the one to announced Hazel pregnancy to the female doctor as he was trying to make her have dinner with him. Still Hazel comes in and keep him in check. The pregnancy was brought up episodes later. Way later. So, I'm sure this abortion part is just another glitch. Do fix it. I believe in you author and I'm patiently waiting for more existing episodes. Thank you so much for sharing. Much love. 🤗🥰😘


  • Visitor53132


    2021-06-24 22:03:11 From Ch. 339

    This situation is so disappointing


  • biscuit


    2021-06-24 19:39:20 From Ch. 339

    Honestly it’s not that crazy to think about. When a pregnant woman goes through extreme hormonal changes, she’s bound to take things out of context. So for Hazel to see her husband up close and personal with another woman, of course she would think the worst thing possible. Because she wants to sever ties with Aaron, she’d want to get rid of the baby. And yes, it is quite crazy that she’d go to THAT extreme. But hopefully author will have a redemption arc for her in the next couple chapters lol.


  • CzerwonyWilk


    2021-06-24 18:40:00 From Ch. 339

    if you read that comment till the end I wrote there that abortion is pretty reckless xD at the very end to be exact. I just agree with all points of her way of thinking except for that one. if I only read her side of story I would've believed that Aaron totally cheated on her


  • Winter Moon Princess

    Winter Moon Princess

    2021-06-24 18:24:09 From Ch. 339

    Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse for making stupid decisions like killing her own child. Since I’ve been pregnant and given birth myself, I can definitely attest to the raging hormones during pregnancy. Yes, it can cause some insecurities etc. but I doubt anyone would just up and get an abortion without really thinking about it first. Even if she’s angry with Aaron, she should still think about things seriously before doing something irreversible. She didn’t even consult her parents whom she’s so close to. She wouldn’t even accept her husband’s explanation when all she’s suspecting of him is completely unfounded.


  • Monfoyren


    2021-06-24 17:47:31 From Ch. 336



  • verolyssette


    2021-06-24 16:51:19 From Ch. 339

    The way she’s acting is so stupid.. I get that she’s pregnant & hormonal but she’s rushing into conclusions & it’s only going to make things worst. I honestly thought she was a strong FL which I liked about this story, but everything is making her question her relationship with Aaron & he didn’t even do anything. The proper thing to do is communicate with your partner, & let them explain. But nope she would rather hurt an innocent baby to take it out on the non cheating husband. 😤😤😤


  • Visitor91370


    2021-06-24 15:51:43 From Ch. 11 Ex

    I think it’s her brother


  • KuranN


    2021-06-24 15:29:32 From Ch. 336

    Yeah, there's this thing called boundary.


  • Lalesa


    2021-06-24 14:41:54 From Ch. 336

    I'm in 😎


  • Lalesa


    2021-06-24 14:41:36 From Ch. 336

    same here 😭😭😭😭


  • biscuit


    2021-06-24 14:11:42 From Ch. 339

    She’s pregnant bruh so of course she would be acting irrational to people who aren’t going through extreme hormonal and bodily changes. Yes, it seems stupid because as a reader we are all knowing of the situation, but in her shoes, she is a mother-to-be and of course will act on impulses. You don’t want to be in a relationship as a pregnant woman where your spouse is cheating on you while you carry their child inside of you. Communication isn’t all that easy either, so you can’t blame her too much for the way she’s acting.


  • Stephany Ferreira

    Stephany Ferreira

    2021-06-24 14:11:33 From Ch. 339

    She is the dumbest. Like the baby is an object.


  • nibble coin

    nibble coin

    2021-06-24 13:59:45 From Ch. 339

    kinds cringing with the way she's acting


  • NyPapaya


    2021-06-24 13:51:31 From Ch. 339

    This is the one! Folks need to realize and understand that she's pregnant. Her emotions are all over the place which will make her act out of character. I can fully understand why she feels insecure and out of sorts. Personally I wouldn't go that far and try to abort my child but I can fully understand her insecurities. To say that she's stupid af and unintelligent like most of the comments on here proves that most of these folks can't process her entire situation.



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