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Drama The Naive Mr. Lu
The Naive Mr. Lu The Naive Mr. Lu
The Naive Mr. Lu

Author: DaMaiZhongJin

  • A comic ranking the first among love stories from 2019 to 2020, which you definitely can't miss!
  • He is afraid of loving "him", which she's scared of being loved, now it's the show time for a love story about wits and courage...

After her twin brother disappeared suddenly, she was forced to go home and disguise herself as her brother, however, things are not as simple as she had imagined. On the one hand, her family members try hard to get her in trouble, on the other, the children of her step mother frame her to seize power. She has to regain power while investigating into the truth about her brother’s disappearance, and he, Zong Jize, seems to be the number one suspect . She gets close to him with a purpose, but finds that this man actually falls in love with her?!


  • Visitor 90127

    Visitor 90127

    2020-09-18 12:08:10 From Ch. 155

    Jinge's fiance looks like loli*


  • ICEBERG I chose you

    ICEBERG I chose you

    2020-09-18 09:45:06 From

    I wanna yes and yes and I think a little yes no more and maybe the yes could have a yes and yes this comic is amazing and yes do the things I yested and yes agian yes yes yes -mEmE


  • nick prai

    nick prai

    2020-09-17 23:19:48 From Ch. 161

    I don't think we need to ship it as she is building the ship herself


  • TheGirlWhoLikesAnime


    2020-09-17 19:16:04 From Ch. 158

    yeah I know it's just a comic but something like this shouldn't be used at all. this comic supports [email protected] and drugging, and it's not ok to do that to anyone consent but he stripped his partner and did all those things to her which is highly unacceptable


  • (=^💖ω💖^=)


    2020-09-17 16:16:42 From Ch. 158

    this is just for my opinion,but I think the ML right now is kind of like a jerk?i mean I prefer the past,sweet and loyal Jize from before,cuz right now,I don't think this is the real Jize I knew.


  • Kathie Saintil

    Kathie Saintil

    2020-09-17 14:44:41 From Ch. 161

    well ,me i think the real Lu Yining will turn gay for the man who help him😅😅😅😅he even give him a company sooooo


  • Mikami Bayao Tsukasa

    Mikami Bayao Tsukasa

    2020-09-17 10:49:01 From Ch. 16

    Imagine having 50x the pay


  • Visitor 88061

    Visitor 88061

    2020-09-17 10:43:24 From Ch. 44

    what are you saying? I don't understand... can you please explain it to me????


  • Shari lil'_00

    Shari lil'_00

    2020-09-17 09:23:57 From Ch. 154

    ok now I see you at every comic over seen


  • BlueberryJoyce


    2020-09-17 07:41:58 From Ch. 97

    It’s getting hot here…


  • BlueberryJoyce


    2020-09-17 07:30:46 From Ch. 93

    I want to see his eyes!!!😭 btw he’s so hot ahhhhhh🥺


  • Game_ Play

    Game_ Play

    2020-09-17 06:19:07 From Ch. 6

    girl but boy


  • Choi


    2020-09-17 05:52:16 From Ch. 157



  • Emma Steinert

    Emma Steinert

    2020-09-17 04:00:02 From Ch. 157

    I think he is just playing with her now. He respects her too much to do anything more than kiss her without her consent. He only took their clothes off because she got puke on them.


  • 나잇 🦉

    나잇 🦉

    2020-09-17 03:05:39 From Ch. 161

    totally ship these two. such good people 😍


  • Dynisha Mendoza

    Dynisha Mendoza

    2020-09-17 00:02:21 From Ch. 161

    🌬🌊🚢🌊 ⛅ has sailed💃🏿


  • ฅʕ。•-•。ʔฅ


    2020-09-16 23:39:52 From Ch. 158

    Lol I love Jize at the past cause he's so considerate, loyal and really loves Ningning- or should I say "Yining"? I'm not saying that he's not like that anymore. But rn, I think I just like him. I just feel like he's not like the loyal and passionate like before. I think it started exactly when he used a disappointing method to find out Ningning's true gender. I also agree with comment with comment in the very bottom of this replies. He's just not that loyal and honest like before. I don't really know what I should feel about him, but I'm definitely not supporting what's he's doing rn.


  • Ren Madrid

    Ren Madrid

    2020-09-16 22:29:55 From Ch. 158

    @sadiaotaku... Same here i think that's the reason


  • sadiaotaku...


    2020-09-16 21:57:41 From Ch. 158

    isn't it because she's the Smith stepson??


  • MagicShopMagicIsland


    2020-09-16 19:24:26 From Ch. 157

    Exactlyyy maybe it was just the moment but him saying he wants her body rubbed me the wrong way



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