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A Thousand Year Love Of Acacia

A Thousand Year Love Of Acacia


천 년사랑 아카시아;Cô gái đến từ quá khứ;A Thousand Year Love Of Acacia


Author:Kim, Dong Hwa

Chapters (Episode):0


Kim, Dong Hwa

Chapters (Episode)



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Princess Acacia (name of a flower) of Libya is engaged to the the prince of Hittite. They are madly in love with each other. But Lamec, the young king of Egypt, while conquering Libya (and killing Acacia's parents) falls in love with Acacia. He brought her back to Egypt with an intention of marrying her. But Lamec is already engaged to the powerful princess of Egypt. It is because of her who gave up the throne for Lamec that he was able to become king. The Egyptian princess throws Lamec, the king, (no, I'm not kidding) into prison because he wanted to break up their engagement. After giving up on changing Lamec's mind, she kills him. The prince of Hittite came to try to save Acacia but failed. He died while protecting her. The evil Egyptian princess then throws Acacia into a dungeon and opens the water ways for her to drown. All 4 reincarnated 3000 years later into modern Seoul. (MangaUpdates) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 1st volume is about their 1st life. From then on is about their modern life which tells about Acacia's path to stardom as a successful actress while having the reincarnated Egyptian princess, now named Chang Heri and is a child actress prodigy, as the rival. The prince of Hittites as a famous idol singer, Woo Su, and Lamec, Egyptian king, as president of Heri's agency/TV station.

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Kim, Dong Hwa


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