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Ai daro.

Ai daro.


Aidaro.;愛だろ。;Ai daro.


Author:Sakurayama, Kazumi

Chapters (Episode):5


Sakurayama, Kazumi

Chapters (Episode)



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A series of one-shots by mangaka Sakurayama Kazumi. Ai daro: Morioka dislikes her flashy classmate Sugawara, rumored to be a rich son of a CEO, for always showing off how much money he has, but after following him home one day, she discovers a big secret about him...! Shitsuren Machine: Nagao Megumi has just gotten dumped by her umpteenth boyfriend, but as she screams that she never wants to be in another relationship again, a strange classmate named Katou Yoshiharu pops out from the bushes behind her. Who is this guy and what does he want from her? Mikaitaku Doll: While working as a stuffed rabbit giving out balloons at an amusement park, Tajima Risa runs into her boyfriend Shin who is on a date with another girl. She runs away, but is soon found by Asano Keigo, a fellow worker, who rudely says "Been cheated on, huh." But it seems Asano has a reason for being so matter-of-fact... Sunshine Honey: Kawase is on summer vacation with her two girlfriends and runs into Sawaki, her crush and their classmate. To try to get closer to him, Kawase offers to work at Sawaki's beach house, but rumor has it Sawaki is searching for his first love there...? Watashi wa Doko ni?! Asuka and Ken have been dating for a few months now, but things have not been going so well. They don't see each other much and when they do, it seems they always end up fighting. After one of their typical arguments, Asuka runs head straight into oncoming traffic and...?!

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Sakurayama, Kazumi


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