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Aigan Shoujo

Aigan Shoujo


Aigan Shojo;Treasured Girl;Fondling Girl;愛玩少女;Aigan Shoujo


Author:Momono, Miku

Chapters (Episode):4


Momono, Miku

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A collection of four short stories. (with lots of Tsundere guys...) 1. Kotori falls in love with the kind and gentle Katsuragi-kun when she sees him bringing a sick kitten to her family's animal hospital. However, she is shocked when, after she confesses to him, he says he will only date her if she becomes his pet! 2. Ayumi fell in love with her older brother's friend Kenya when she was 8 years old. Unfortunately, he is much older than her, so of course he only sees her as a child. But Ayumi is persistent and declares her love for him constantly. Kenya treats her like a pest and always gives her new conditions to meet before she can be his girlfriend. Will Ayumi ever qualify, or, after 13 years of chasing him, will she finally give up? 3. Sayoko really hates her classmate Kajiwara-kun. He always scores first on exams, and she always comes in second. Even worse he isn't gracious about beating her either. But one day, Sayoko finds out Kajiwara's secret. Will she be able to use it against him, or will he turn the tables? 4. Yui idolizes her stepbrother Tomoya. But he always treats her like a little sister, no matter what she does. Whe he gets a girlfriend, Yui realizes it's time to stop clinging to him. But when she tries to get a boyfriend, things don't go quite as planned.

Creator & Rold Information

Momono, Miku


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