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Butterfly 69

Butterfly 69


BUTTERFLY69;Quilt Queen;Beautiful Pain;Rooftop Miracle;Spicy Sweets;Butterfly Effect;Butterfly 69



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Butterfly 69: Agetha and Maria are two music students striving for the same dream, Maria's successful music career. Agetha supports Maria by always saying "My dream is your dream" but it isn't until Maria gets her big break that she realizes she has to drop out and most importantly, leave Agetha behind. Will their relationship be able to last? or will it crumble under the pressure? Butterfly 69: Instant Summer: A short extra on who is in control of the relationship between Agetha and Maria. Wonder who wins? Quilt Queen: A promise between high school sweet hearts flourishes, at least for top model Dahlia it does. While Sakura is left as a nobody fashion designer still trying to get her start. It isn't until Dahlia's manager demands that Sakura give up her love for Dahlia does she work harder to be on equal footing with Dahlia. Will their love over come this crisis? Quilt Queen+ (extra): Dahlia and Sakura meet an old classmate, Sae, who is both married and expecting, and exceptionally happy with her situation! Sae kindly notices that neither of the two have married and had children, and warns them if they wait too long their chance at real happiness will pass them by. Are Dahlia and Sakura truly happy? Beautiful Pain: A mother begins to suspect her two daughters, Hakuto and Lily of having a more than "sibling-like" relationship. Is it true that their lovers? or has their mother just got too much time on her hands? Rooftop Miracle: Being dumped hurts, but being dumped AND swindled hurts more, which leads Kyouko to the rooftop of a building in hopes of ending her suffering. That is until another girl, named Mirai, who has same problems as her, comes up to the same rooftop to do the exact same thing. Could this be a twisted coincidence? or a beautiful miracle in disguise? Spicy Sweets: Aki is a pastery chef in the making, living with the rather flighty Yuu who is hiding away from her family. It isn't until Yuu receives a call from her mother informing her that she is coming to get her does she panic. Snatching Aki up in a whirlwind of confusion dying to run away Aki convinces the frantic Yuu to meet with her mother. Yet Aki can't help but wonder what Yuu-chan's family does for a living, and why Yuu is so keen on running away. Buttefly Affect: It's difficult balancing a relationship when work is so hectic, at least that's how it is for Agetha and Maria. Who, more often than not, spend their time worlds apart from one another. When Maria is just about to leave to see Agetha a sudden opportunity arises that could very much put Maria's career in a more secure position, will she go for it? or will she forsake it for the sake of seeing Agetha?

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