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Calm Breaker

Calm Breaker


カームブレイカー;Calm Breaker


Author:Iwase, Masatsugu

Chapters (Episode):40


Iwase, Masatsugu

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



The carefree Toshiya Sakazaki inventor works in the company Kamata, engaged in the production of armaments. Divorced from Chisato Arita, who also works in the same company, Toshiya races against her to see who builds the better war robot. Sakazaki creates a robot combat with artificial intelligence named Sayuri. She is shaped like a teenager and all that does is arouse the jealousy of Chisato. Although it has at its disposal a wide range of devastating attacks, Toshiya's error was introduced programs jokes forgetting the main program, the struggle, as Sayuri is not considered a weapon and Chisato advised to go to an institute high school to learn to improve its AI. The problems come when the company KKK (Kurahashi Kogyo Company of Kabushikigaisha = the company of the cap), a competitor of Kamata, try to destroy Sayuri. This infiltrate a spy, Misaki Hoshino, traps tend to Sayuri. And from there everything gets out of hand... because many parodies of anime, manga and japanese tv shows are just around the corner.

Creator & Rold Information

Iwase, Masatsugu


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