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Dark Craibe

Dark Craibe


Dark Cribe;Ca Bine Saga;Daaku Kuraibu;Letort Nouveau;ダーク・クライブ;Dark Craibe


Author:Tachibana, Kaimu

Chapters (Episode):0


Tachibana, Kaimu

Chapters (Episode)



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A country, Jairam, began to seek the leader of Dark Craibe, AKA clan of dark hair. There were three reasons for them to seek Ca Bine 2th Letrot. The first reason was due to their legend. Their legend says that a fairy became a prince with shining silver hair and proposed to a princess with dark hair. The prince became a holy king and protected his country with ease. Jairam was falling apart. They needed something to shake their current method and begin from root. In order to do so, they needed the support from citizens. In order to obtain support from the citizens, they had to use a tale that everybody knows and believes - which was prime minister of Jairam sought Ca Bine 2th, Letort. Rezak Peaja, the prime minister of Jairam, led a small group of infantry and attempted to confront Letort. Although the progress was a bit rough, everything went well. Letort decided to at least try them out. (Source: JanimeS)

Creator & Rold Information

Tachibana, Kaimu


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