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Dark Wars: The Tale of Meiji Dracula

Dark Wars: The Tale of Meiji Dracula


Tale of Meiji Dracula;Dark Wars: The Tale of Meiji Dracula


Author:Kikuchi, HideyukiTerada, Katsuya

Chapters (Episode):1


Kikuchi, HideyukiTerada, Katsuya

Chapters (Episode)



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Japan, 1880. Seventeen-year-old Daigo possesses a wicked talent for the sword. Though many have come to challenge him, none has triumphed. But one moonless night, a stranger arrives in Daigo’s quiet village, bearing the key to a mystery that haunts Daigo’s family–a tale too incredible to be believed, the proof too compelling to be doubted. Count Dracula cannot change who he is, or what he craves, or how many souls he must steal to slake his undying thirst. An entire country is about to fall prey to the count’s bloodlust–and no one’s at greater risk than those closest to Daigo, especially the beautiful, love-struck Chizuru. Only Daigo can save his community from this demon of the night. But Daigo has never faced a more formidable opponent. He’s never confronted a vampire’s speed, a vampire’s strength, and, perhaps most dangerous of all, a vampire’s seduction. . . . -Amazon

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Kikuchi, HideyukiTerada, Katsuya


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