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Densha Otoko: Net Hatsu, Kakueki Teisha no Love Story

Densha Otoko: Net Hatsu, Kakueki Teisha no Love Story


Train Man;Densha Otoko: Net Development;the Love Story of a Local Train;電車男 ネット発、各駅停車のラブ・ストーリー;Densha Otoko: Net Hatsu, Kakueki Teisha no Love Story


Author:Nakano, HitoriHara, Hidenori

Chapters (Episode):27


Nakano, HitoriHara, Hidenori

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A hopeless geek, a beautiful woman, and a fast connection--could the Internet be his ticket onto the express train to romance? A real-life thread on an Internet forum sparks a nationwide phenomenon! A nerdy otaku meets a girl on a train and posts an urgent query on the Web. How the heck do you talk to girls? What should he wear on their date? Where should they go? The forum's response was overwhelming, and the thread continued to grow along with their relationship. Eventually published in book form to become a best-seller, the thread spawned a blockbuster movie and hit TV series, as well as this heartwarming manga adaptation of an entire Internet community rooting for love and romance. (Source: VIZ Media)

Creator & Rold Information

Nakano, HitoriHara, Hidenori


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