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Doctor G no Shima

Doctor G no Shima


Dr. G no Shima;Datenshi;Shiroi Senritsu;;ドクターGの島; 堕天使; 白い旋律;Doctor G no Shima


Author:Takashina, RyoukoEdogawa, Ranpo

Chapters (Episode):3


Takashina, RyoukoEdogawa, Ranpo

Chapters (Episode)



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This is a collection of three short stories associated with mangaka Takashina Ryouko. The first story, written by author Edogawa Ranpo, is illustrated by Takashina-sensei, while the latter two are both written and illustrated by Takashina-sensei. Doctor G no Shima: Sayoko is in love with her older sister's boyfriend, Shunichi, but it seems her tutor Moroto-san has also taken an interest in her. Caught in between these two, Sayoko is thrown into a world of murder, mystery, and horror. What happened in both Shunichi and Moroto-san's past that is now threatening Sayoko's life? Datenshi: Is an eerily beautiful, handsomely-crafted doll with a mysterious past responsible for the evil that befalls its owners? Does the doll really whisper satanic murmurs? Shiroi Senritsu: A girl wakes up in a hospital with no memories. Her fiance tells her her name is Titi, and that she is the heiress of a very wealthy estate, but why is it taking her forever to feel comfortable back at her own home?

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Takashina, RyoukoEdogawa, Ranpo


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