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Four Daughters of Armian

Four Daughters of Armian


아르미안의 네 딸들;Four Daughters of Armian


Author:Shin, Il-Suk

Chapters (Episode):0


Shin, Il-Suk

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Once in Armian, Re-Manu XXXVII is awaiting her death. As it goes for years in history, the dying queen foretold the fate of her four daughters. Divination that would lead them toward their fate, and significance to determine the successor to rule Armian. The beautiful Swarda is fated to marry a throne man of Persia. The smart and calm Aspasya will encounter a great leader of history. But fate has its own plan to fool with their destiny. The first and the fourth daughter have their fates twisted, to heir the title of Re-Manu. But there wouldn't be a country with two leaders, one has to given way to another. And of course it won't be the cold-hearted and ambitious Manua to give up the crown, so then she decided to put her younger sister into exile. Little Re-Syahrina has to start her journey to find a phoenix's feather to get back home, while the story is also concerned in Swarda's pain of being betrayed by her lover and sister, Aspasya relationship with a slave called Bahel, and the new Re-Manu that would sacrifice anything to fulfill her ambition, and her sisters aren't exception. (Source: MU)

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Shin, Il-Suk


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