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Kid Rock;ガキ★ロック;Gaki☆Rock


Author:Yanauchi, Daiju

Chapters (Episode):10


Yanauchi, Daiju

Chapters (Episode)



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The story revolves around Asakusa-born-and-raised Gen, who helps out at his family's strip club. With his friends Makoto, Jimmy, and Mattsun, the four get into fights together, as well as help out with watching out for Gen's family. One night, Gen is told by his father to pick up a woman at the train station. There, he finds the beautiful Choucho (lit. butterfly), and falls in love with her at first sight. However, he finds out that she is the #1 strip girl in Osaka, and Gen gets eccentric when he finds out that she'll be living in "England Theater," the strip club his father runs. One night, Gen sees Choucho crying. When he asks the reason, she tells him that she is envious of the love of Gen's family, though she was welcomed with open arms. The next day, Gen is chased by the yakuza and saves Kanta, a man who was being beaten. Gen finds out that Kanta is a Kansai yakuza member, but due to a certain incident, he is being chased. He lost all his money at gambling, but it turns out the only one he can rely on in this situation is his younger sister: Choucho. Gen's friends help him to grasp Choucho's heart, and make her happy. (Source: ANN)

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Yanauchi, Daiju


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