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Galaxy Girl, Panda Boy

Galaxy Girl, Panda Boy


Ginga Girl;Panda Boy;Passion Fruit;銀河ガールパンダボーイ;Galaxy Girl, Panda Boy


Author:Kawakami, Junko

Chapters (Episode):6


Kawakami, Junko

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A collection of three stand-alone stories. "Galaxy Girl, Panda Boy" is the story of Mani, an adolescent girl growing up in an isolated new age community. Mani is convinced that there is something very odd about her family and the other members of the community. She might be right. "The Laidback Person I Will Never Forget" is a short piece in which a young woman named Yukari begins to doubt her relationship with Takafumi, her slacker / surfer boyfriend. She loves him but she's beginning to think that he might be a bit too laid back for his own good and that their relationship might not have much of a future. "Club Hurricane" (split into four sections and comprising by far the largest portion of the volume) is the tale of Andrew and Rose - twins who find themselves sent off to an odd, remote boarding school in the country as a result of their parents' divorce. Once there, the siblings have to deal with isolation, rejection, their eccentric new schoolmates and their reliance on one another. (Source: ANN)

Creator & Rold Information

Kawakami, Junko


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