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Game Over

Game Over


Yukai no Susume;Kedama no Cake;Kinou Kenka wo Shimashita;GAME OVER;Game Over


Author:Mizutani, Fuuka

Chapters (Episode):8


Mizutani, Fuuka

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A middle school BOY and a beautiful OL, an extraordinary love story, from their meeting until goal in." Akemi is a beautiful OL, who is rather bored by the unchanging everyday life. To make things interesting, she plays a little game. A simple game. Every day at 7:14, she gets on her usual bus, picks another rider that piques her interest, and sits next to them. If they do a double-take on her, she wins her game. It was just supposed to kill time, but it turned out to be quite entertaining. One who is sleeping suddenly wakes up, one who is reading stops in realization... a short game. Still, a fun one. Until one day, she sits next to a kid who doesn't seem to take notice of her. Was he just pre-occupied? Maybe he's just too young? Akemi is irked, and finds that she has to up her ante, determined to win this game. The volume also includes 3 one-shots: Yukai no Susume, Kedama no Cake, Kinou Kenka wo Shimashita.

Creator & Rold Information

Uziga, Waita Mai


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