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Hanamukosan;Mr. Flower Groom;Mr Flower Groom;花ムコさん;Hanamuko-san


Author:Hoshino, Lily

Chapters (Episode):8


Hoshino, Lily

Chapters (Episode)



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Sequel of Hanayome-kun Ch. 05 1) Next morning Kouichirou told his feelings to Ritsu. Ritsu is very scared of him but Kouichirou asks Ritsu to remain, but with a Fusuma between them. 2) Kouichirou's female classmate comes to their house for student committee work. Ritsu sees Kouichirou laughing with her... 3) Kiyoko, Setsu's wife, one of Ritsu's elder brothers, comes back after seeing their grandmother to the hospital. Kouichirou is shocked to find that Ritsu loves Kiyoko. Ritsu apologizes for hiding it but Kouichirou declares he will stop loving Ritsu. 4) Ritsu is shocked, too, by seeing Kouichirou who is talking intimately with the same classmate girl. 5) Ritsu realizes he loved Kiyoko but doesn't anymore. He asks Kouichirou to love him again. There are two additional short stories: 6) A womanizing student goes by while his classmate's is having a lovers' spat. He breaks the classmate's contact lens, who drops a suggestion to pay him back using his body. 7) The members of a particular family traditionally guards members of a sake brewery family. A male guard, who is forbidden to fall in love, is chosen for the young successor, but... (from B-U [edited])

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Hoshino, Lily


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