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Hanayome kun;Mr. Flower Bride;Mr Flower Bride;花嫁くん;Hanayome-kun


Author:Hoshino, Lily

Chapters (Episode):8


Hoshino, Lily

Chapters (Episode)



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Cute related stories about men that marry each other. (from B-U) Ch. 1: Mr. Flower Bride Ch. 2: Mr. Flower Bride / First Night Ch. 3: Mr. Flower Bride / School Life Ch. 4: Mr. Flower Bride / Newlyweds Ch. 8: Mr. Flower Bride / Birth A second son of an important family has to marry a boy by family tradition, if the first son fathers a boy, so as to avoid disputes over the succession. Shinji, a high school student and second son of this particular family, finds himself the victim in this situation. What will happen now that he has to marry a boy, and that boy happens to be one of his classmates? Ch. 5: Mr. Flower Groom (Hanamuko-san). Prequel to the manga Hanamuko-san. Again, a member of the same family, Ritsu, has to marry a boy. This time the story reverses the roles: the "manlier" boy, Kouichirou, is the "bride" in this case. Ch. 6: Even If It Costs Me My Life - High school student, Akihiro, is the only son of the head of an important family, who has recently died. While the succession is still in question, his 24-year-old bodyguard, Miyuki Sasaki, must protect him more vigilantly than ever before. But Akihiro is totally surprised when Miyuki enrolls as a transfer student in his class, to guard him as closely as possible. He even looks younger than him! Ch. 7: If I Can See You Anytime... Young and feminine-looking Natsuiro (a boy), is an employee at an "image club". The owner's son, Kousei, comes to visit every day, just to chat, since they have been friends forever. But Kousei is getting ready to go away to college, prompting a confession from Natsuiro. [MAL staff]

Creator & Rold Information

Hoshino, Lily


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