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Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day


Happy Death Day


Author:Banpai, AkiraNozomi, Kota

Chapters (Episode):17


Banpai, AkiraNozomi, Kota

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



The first story is about Shidou. He wasn''t suffering from debts, abuse or anything else, and overall had a fun life. But he will die. Because he is complete. So, how will he die? So he met them - the most unpleasant and horribly reliable people - "Suicide planner Yomiji" and "Murderer Durian". For 100,000 yen in a week they will prepare an ideal death for him... The second story is about Hinamura Haina. In Japan she is an extremely dangerous criminal. She is a murderer that can kill even a crying child. A mysterious person calling himself "Suicide planner Yomiji" invited her and her lover to his mansion in the middle of a forest. "In other words it's an offline meet. Of murderers". Along with Haina there gathered seven murderers, and the world's most frightening carnival was about to start. It doesn't matter to Haina's lover if he can stay alive despite not being one of them, but he will do anything for her to be happy...

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Banpai, AkiraNozomi, Kota


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