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Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo

Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo


Hazy Fragment of Love;Splitter der Liebe;仄かな恋の断片を;Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo



Chapters (Episode):7



Chapters (Episode)



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1) The Sincere Frozen Moon Asagi and Tachibana (lovers) are both Shinto exorcists, with Asagi being the head priest and Tachibana being the apprentice. Asagi comes from a long line of priests, each using a Heavenly Sword to fight evil spirits. Tachibana is very protective of Asagi and grows even more so when Asagi faints every time he uses the Heavenly Sword. How can Tachibana protect the one he loves? 2) The Dangerous New Moon Haruaki visits the priest, Ei, everyday on his lunch break. Haruaki confides any troubles he's been having to Ei, and Ei very much enjoys the company. Lately, Haruaki has been getting flak from his boss at work about how unkempt he dresses - a problem that seems insignificant at first, but ends up turning into something dangerous. 3) The Heavenly Swords Bulletin An extra that goes into detail on the Heavenly Swords that appear throughout the chapters. 4) Midday Mirage Toranosuke has sworn to avenge the death of his older brother, who was eaten by the demon, Shunjin. A souleater, Shunjin can only be defeated by one divine sword. But, when the time comes for Toranosuke to extract his revenge, can he really do it? Shunjin might be a monster, but there is something about him that draws Toranosuke's gaze. Could the demon slayer be falling for the demon? Can the quest for love triumph over the quest for revenge? 5-6) Half Moon Passing Nanaki, the youngest of the Heavenly Swords, has lost his sword form - meaning that, until he finds it, a void seal will spread across his body until he disappears from the mortal world. Ninomiya, the eldest of the Swords, wants to help Nanaki search, but is terrible with expressing himself with words. How can he convince Nanaki of his sincerity? 7) Crescent Moon Mirage A continuation of Toranosuke and Shunjin's story and a tying up of other loose ends. (from B-U)

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