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Kijima-kun Series

Kijima-kun Series


Omae no Kawaii Kijima-kun;Boku no Itoshii Kijima-kun;Kijima-kun no Abunai Hatsu Date;Renai Shiken;Omotenashi;Daikirai de Daisuki na Kare;Kiken na Gakuensai;木嶋くんシリーズ;Kijima-kun Series


Author:Momoki, Sae

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Momoki, Sae

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A good looking guy named Tachibana, Sousuke runs into a bit of bad luck with the schools cursed black cat also known as Kijima, Subaru. Due to this bad luck Tachibana breaks his glasses and can't see without them, when he was at his worst moment a stranger helps him. But Tachibana can't see who it is, so he asks someone else and they say its "Kijima." Tachibana decides to write a thank you letter but makes a mistake and sends it to the wrong Kijima. Thinking that he's been ignored, he decides to write more letters. More erotic letters so that "Kijima" can't ignore him, but instead of the cute Kijima appearing, the scary black cat Kijima appears! Due to these erotic letters Subaru seems to have fallen for Tachibana and tells him that he must take responsibility. Since these letters moved him to this extent, Tachibana thinks that he isn't scary but cute. Tachibana kisses Subaru as a sign that he will take responsibility for him and he leads Subaru to an empty room where they can play out what was in his erotic letters! Love triangles begin to form as things heat up even more with Tachibana and Kijima in this volume which is dedicated to these two! (Source: LuffyNoTomo)

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Momoki, Sae


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