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Legend of Dou

Legend of Dou


Minowa Dou Densetsu;みのわどうでんせつ;箕輪道伝説;Legend of Dou


Author:Yonehara, Hideyuki

Chapters (Episode):70


Yonehara, Hideyuki

Chapters (Episode)



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Many years ago at Kikuri High School, there's a man named Minowa Dou who is known to be the strongest, toughest man that never lose to any fight in the neighborhood. Because of this legacy everyone who is in a a gang or lead their thug life considered him as a legend, a god of bad boy. Years later, his legacy continues. Those who is the strongest and managed to defeat the toughest one in the area will be considered as a Minowa Dou by other. However, who is Minowa dou anyway? There are many stories about him, about how strong he is, how scary he is. So far it's just a story. His strength, his style. Could this only be a myth? Then one day, a mysterious newcomer manage to take down one of the tough guy in the Kikuri High School. He introduces himself that he is called Minowa. Little by little, people start to notice his similarity to the legend.

Creator & Rold Information

Yonehara, Hideyuki


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