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Love Luck

Love Luck


ラブラック;Love Luck


Author:Asahina, Yuuya

Chapters (Episode):6


Asahina, Yuuya

Chapters (Episode)



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Suzuki Nero has had her eye on Kurokawa Yamato, and according to her love horoscope it was the perfect time to confess! She and Yamato were hitting it off well, although she still had the mean Kurokawa Dan who tries to get her attention in all the wrong ways in the back of her mind. She was ready to confess, but suddenly her chance was ruined! Strangely enough, Kurokawa Yamato and Kurokawa Dan got into a car crash together and when Nero goes to visit Yamato, she finally confesses to him. He kisses her and starts laughing, only to reveal that he's actually "Dan"!! Nero would have never guessed that the ruthless Dan and the sweet Yamato were actually twins--and twins who had switched identities at that! What's Nero to do when the personality she likes is Yamato's, but the real Yamato is pretending to be Dan...!? (Source: StarryHeaven)

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Asahina, Yuuya


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