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Love Me Sinfully

Love Me Sinfully


Tsumi Bukaku Aishiteyo;罪深く愛してよ;Love Me Sinfully


Author:Tennouji, Mio

Chapters (Episode):6


Tennouji, Mio

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



1. Love Me Sinfully (Beginning) At the airport, Yuu Ono bumps into a man in a dark suit. The man then takes Yuu to meet his employer—Prince Carlo of the small country of Qurdis. It seems the Prince and Yuu share the same face… and the dark-suited man named Brad is none other than the Prince’s bodyguard! Prince Carlo has a request for Yuu, and that is to become his decoy. Fearing for his own safety, Yuu refuses the request. However, when Brad proclaims, "I'll protect you even at the cost of my life…”—why can't Yuu control the wild beating of his heart?! 2. Love Me Sinfully (Conclusion) 3. A Soul Influences Love A member of parliament and a priest fall in love. 4 In The Dark Of The Night 28 years old and jobless because of the recession, Misaki returns to his hometown and happens to meet an acquaintance from middle school. 5. Before Dawn A short story about a chauffeur and his young boss. 6. Love Me Sinfully (Epilogue) (Source: M-U)

Creator & Rold Information

Tennouji, Mio


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