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Make Me Happy

Make Me Happy


メイク・ミー・ハッピー;メイク・ミー・ハッピー;Make Me Happy


Author:Miyamoto, Kano

Chapters (Episode):7


Miyamoto, Kano

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A collection of short stories. Chapter 1, 2, & 3 - Shiba owns a small software firm. Naomi, who works there part-time as he studies at the university, is comfortable with his homosexuality. So, despite Shiba's being 36 years old, Naomi can't help but be attracted to his boss! But, does Shiba feel the same way? Chapter 4: Flower Maze – Hino-san, a disillusioned salaryman, ends his relationship with his male lover to give in to the 'safe' choices of an overseas transfer and arranged marriage. Takashi, a would-be jewelry designer, fights to reclaim their relationship, unwilling to let Hino-san go. Chapter 5 Sleepless & 6 Breathless - After turning 20, Hiroyuki discovers that he has an older step brother, Akira. When Hiroyuki begins to feel attracted to Akira, he isn't sure what to do. What will it take for Hiroyuki to win the affections of his straight and clueless step brother? Chapter 7 Snow Tale - When Hiromu picks up Kouta half frozen in the snow, he never thought it'd lead to a relationship. When a crazy ex-boyfriend shows up, ready to attack, what will happen to the new couple? (Source: Liquid Passion)

Creator & Rold Information

Miyamoto, Kano


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