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Muteki no Love Power

Muteki no Love Power


無敵のLove Power;Muteki no Love Power


Author:Kawahara, Kazune

Chapters (Episode):3


Kawahara, Kazune

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



A collection of one-shots by author Kawahara Kazune: Muteki no Love Power and Muteki no Love Power 2: Having spent her entire middle school life without a boyfriend, Ohbayashi Miyuki is determined to find herself one, now that she has started high school. She chooses to go after her classmate Ueda from the soccer team and begins flirting with him. Although he doesn't seem to notice what she thinks are obvious advances, things are still going relatively well until one day when Ueda overhears a conversation Miyuki has with her friends...?? 17nenme de Kiseki wo Matte: Tani has always been very good at predicting how well she will do at competitions, tests, and races. She believes that everyone has their limits and knowing where they are is the key to figuring out what the outcome will be. The game of love is no exception. People have levels and going for someone out of one's league is the recipe for a broken heart. That is why she is determined to ignore everyone who is not in hers...

Creator & Rold Information

Kawahara, Kazune


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