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Nemurihime Age

Nemurihime Age


Sleeping Beauty Age;Kimi to Sweet na Kankei;眠り姫Age;Nemurihime Age


Author:Ooya, Kazumi

Chapters (Episode):0


Ooya, Kazumi

Chapters (Episode)



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Ayane's seventeenth birthday may very well be the worst day of her life. From the moment she opens her eyes in the morning, it just goes from bad to worse. The crowning glory is when she throws a beer in the face of a man whom she only realizes later is her favorite musician, the wildly popular Shiina Etsurou. Ayane loves to sing, and she's really good at it, but fate seems determined to play these cruel jokes on her. The best joke of all is Ayane's abnormal height of 173 cm. She can't step on a stage without being laughed at...she can't meet her idol without throwing beer in his's enough to give a girl a complex. So when Shiina comes back and wants to make music with Ayane...she declines the offer!? Included one-shot: Volume 6: Kimi to Sweet na Kankei (My Sweet Relationship with You)

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Ooya, Kazumi


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