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Old Fashion Love Song

Old Fashion Love Song


Old Fashion Love Song


Author:Honda, Keiko

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Honda, Keiko

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A woman sits in the car with a man who is bickering on her dress. Their love is not what it used to be. She wants to break up with him, but she doesn't know how to break it. The car stopped by the traffic light and then there's awkward silent in a car, so she decided to turn on the music and it startled a man. The car loses its control and they accidentally ran over a cat. They took the cat to the vet. After waiting for the test result, the vet came out saying that the cat has died. The couple left but the woman, Mami decided to get off the car and runs to the VET again. She asks the vet that she wants to apologize to the cat's body. So the vet let her in. Turns out that the cat is still alive, but is still in a critical stage. The vet, lies because he sees that the man who came along with the girl doesn't really care for the cat's well being. Relieved to see that the cat is still alive, Mami broke down and cried. She exchanges conversation with doctors, about the cats condition and how her life is right now. Since then Mami go to the clinic to check on the cat often, and her relationship with the doctor grows.

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Honda, Keiko


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