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Ore no Class ni Haruhi wa Inai

Ore no Class ni Haruhi wa Inai


Ore no Kyoushitsu ni Haruhi wa Inai;There's no Haruhi in My Classroom;OreHaru;俺の教室にハルヒはいない;Ore no Class ni Haruhi wa Inai


Author:Arai, TeruKoji-Koji

Chapters (Episode):0


Arai, TeruKoji-Koji

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Ore no Class ni Haruhi wa Inai follows Yuu, a guy familiar with Haruhi's famous line, "I'm not interested in ordinary people. But, if any of you are aliens, time-travelers, or espers, please come see me. That is all!" To Yuu, this statement is awful, and he thinks "If that's the case, what about the ordinary people?" He rejects the Haruhi-style abnormal daily life, the boy-meets-girl stories, the high-intensity characters of Haruhi - all of it. He considers having one-on-one conversations with someone new special enough. Yuu's friend Shirakawa, however, is convinced a Haruhi DOES exist in their class, and starts calling a truant female classmate "Haruhi," because she sits in the same spot as the character in the anime. In the meantime, Yuu finds himself involved with his childhood friend and others aspiring to make a name in the anime industry.

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Arai, TeruKoji-Koji


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