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Secret Agent Holmes

Secret Agent Holmes


Himitsu Keisatsu Holmes;Himitsukeisatsu Holmes;Secret Agent Holmes;Secret Detective Holmes;秘密警察ホームズ


Author:Inuki, Eiji

Chapters (Episode):36


Inuki, Eiji

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Kenichi Nishikagi, Mako and Kitahara Kogoro Akashi are normal kids - or so it seems. In truth, the three members of the secret special unit of the Tokyo police and solve complicated cases! Holmes, Marple and Kogoro, as are three call themselves called whenever the "normal" police no longer progresses. A faithful companion and helper can be found in Harada commissioner who is not necessarily the brightest, but takes heart in the right place and the help of three from one or other dicey situation. Whether theft, murder or kidnapping - Holmes and Co. solve confidently in any case and make the crooks a bold stroke by the bill. But evil never rests, and so is the criminal organization "Dark" one of their best people on the three to - in order "to fight fire with fire." Will it succeed Holmes, Marple and Kogoro to put this master thief, the craft, which they always seem one step ahead to be?

Creator & Rold Information

Inuki, Eiji


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