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Announcer: James Harden From: myanimelist
Senpai Amasugiru H

Senpai Amasugiru H


Zakuro no Mi wo Abaite;Sexy Shiyouyo;Jun-ai Egoist;Netsu-ai Byoutou;Wagamama na Kuchibiru;Double Face -Akogare no Senpai Hen;;先輩 甘すぎるH;Senpai Amasugiru H


Author:Shinjou, MayuKurumatani, HarukoAyukawa, MioKousaka, YuukaUchuuda, KaiMurata, Yuka

Chapters (Episode):6


Shinjou, MayuKurumatani, HarukoAyukawa, MioKousaka, YuukaUchuuda, KaiMurata, Yuka

Chapters (Episode)



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Lovely manga anthology on love and sex, plus a bit of humor for female readers. This book features all the stories of female characters falling love with her senior students. Includes 6 works from 6 authors: 1) "Zakuro no Mi wo Abaite" (Opening Pomegranate Fruit) - Shinjou Mayu Prideful Kotoko is greatly admired at her school, but will that change when ruthless Takahiro backed by a powerful family sets his eyes on her? 2) "Sexy Shiyouyo!" (Let's Do Sexy!) - Kousaka Yuuka 3) "Jun-ai Egoist" (Pure Love Egoist) - Ayukawa Mio 4) "Netsu-ai Byoutou" (Love Fever Hospital Ward) - Murata Yuka 5) "Wagamama na Kuchibiru" (Selfish Lips) - Kurumatani Haruko Yuu gets a job acting in a commercial with popular idol star Kano Itsuki. When Yuu works up her courage to introduce herself, he kisses her! What does she do but punch him. 6) "Double Face -Akogare no Senpai Hen-" (Double Face -Senior Student Version-" ) - Uchuuda Kai [From Baka-Updates]


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