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Seven Days

Seven Days


Seven Days - Monday to Thursday;Seven Days - Friday to Sunday;セブンデイズ;Seven Days


Author:Takarai, RihitoTachibana, Venio

Chapters (Episode):13


Takarai, RihitoTachibana, Venio

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Third year high school student, Shino Yuzuru, is a boy with a beautiful face and an undesirable personality; he is laid back, impolite, and blunt. Soon after he goes out with someone, they dump him once his true personality starts to surface. His junior in the archery club, Seryou Touji, is a well-known ladies' man. A rumor about him circulates in school, stating that Seryou will agree to go out with the first person to ask him out on Monday, before promptly dumping that person on Sunday. Despite the school knowing this, Seryou remains popular with girls because, for the seven days he dates them, Seryou will make his partner feel absolutely special. Hearing the rumor, Shino becomes curious about Seryou. One Monday morning, he greets Seryou outside of the school's entrance and jokingly asks him out. However, Seryou takes him seriously, and so begins Shino's seven days with him.

Creator & Rold Information

Takarai, RihitoTachibana, Venio


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