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Sokonashi Freefall Romance

Sokonashi Freefall Romance


Ore to Kareshi to Aitsu to Kare;Me and my boyfriend;him and his Boyfriend;Kajou na Aijou;Shinratsu na Gekijou;Too Mush Affection;Bittersweet Passion;Fathomless Cage;底なし・フリーフォールロマンス;Sokonashi Freefall Romance


Author:Takakura, Row

Chapters (Episode):6


Takakura, Row

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



Collection of six oneshots: 1. The first story takes place at school and is about a wild, slacker seme and his over-protective uke. 2. Ore to Kareshi to Aitsu to Kare (Me and my boyfriend, him and his Boyfriend) A story of bestfriends who gets along very well. The other even gets to see how his best friend gets fucked by the boyfriend, every night. A funny and somewhat sad story. 3. A story of a man who married a woman who's 10 years older; a story of this man and his stepson, to be precise. 4. Kajou na Aijou, Shinratsu na Gekijou (Too Mush Affection, Bittersweet Passion) The uke got fucked by colleagues, not by the boyfriend. And it's not one colleague, it's five! Rare huh?! 6. Fathomless Cage A brutal rapist/robber and his victim. (Source: MangaUpdates)

Creator & Rold Information

Takakura, Row


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