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Takumi-kun Series

Takumi-kun Series


June Pride;Hadashi no Waltz;Barefoot Waltz;Kisetsu Hazure no Kaidan;Tales out of Season;Bibou no Detail;Jealousy;Hanachiru Yoru ni Kimi wo Omoeba;Pure;タクミくんシリーズ ; 6月の自尊心; 裸足のワルツ; 季節はずれのカイダン; 美貌のディテイル; 花散る夜にきみを想えば;Takumi-kun Series


Author:Gotou, ShinobuOoya, Kazumi

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Gotou, ShinobuOoya, Kazumi

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Far away from the city, deep within the mountains, sits the all-boys high school Shidou Academy. In years past, this school housed only the sons of the most elite families in the country, but these days it welcomes all into its historic halls. Volume 1: Takumi, a boy from humble origins, prepares to begin his second year at the school. Held back by psychological issues, Takumi's indifferent attitude has garnered him no friends and a reputation as a cold fish. Then along comes Gui, a wealthy and charismatic student born in America. Gui is the only person who doesn't see Takumi as odd, and the two become friends. But how will the two cope when Gui confesses his love to Takumi? And can the couple survive the revelation of the secret behind the psychological problems that plague Takumi? (Source: Blu) Series: タクミくんシリーズ Based on novels by Shinobu Gotoh. 1. June Pride [6月の自尊心] (2/2001) 2. Hadashi no Waltz (Barefoot Waltz) [裸足のワルツ] (2/2002) 3. Kisetsu Hazure no Kaidan (Tales out of Season) [季節はずれのカイダン] (12/2003) 4. Bibou no Detail [美貌のディテイル] (12/2004) 5. Jealousy (12/2005) 6. Hanachiru Yoru ni Kimi wo Omoeba [花散る夜にきみを想えば] (12/2006) 7, 8. Pure (2 vols.) (12/2007, 12/2008)

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Gotou, ShinobuOoya, Kazumi


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