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Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail

Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail


Tale of Fairy Tail: Koori no Kiseki;TALE of FAIRY TAIL ICE TRAIL~氷の軌跡~;Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail


Author:Shirato, Yuusuke

Chapters (Episode):15


Shirato, Yuusuke

Chapters (Episode)



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Following the death of his master Ul, Gray Fullbuster sets out on his own to see the world and strengthen the skills he learnt from her. While trudging through wild weather and heavy snow, he comes across a frightened girl named Nano Leaf fleeing from pursuers. Outnumbered, they are both captured and brought back to the dark guild Chrono Noise. Gray soon learns of the guild's nefarious plan for Nano, and if he is to go out and see the world, he must do everything he can to stop their evil plot and rescue her. Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail tells the story of Gray's adventures before becoming a part of Fairy Tail and the challenges that he overcomes in order to become stronger. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Creator & Rold Information

Shirato, Yuusuke


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