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Tenshi wa Maiorita

Tenshi wa Maiorita


天使は舞い降りた;Tenshi wa Maiorita


Author:Kamura, Yoko

Chapters (Episode):0


Kamura, Yoko

Chapters (Episode)



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Contains 5 one-shot stories and a 3 page omake: 1) Tenshi wa Maiorita - Taki really wants a boyfriend but has been turned down 7 times. She finds a white feather in the school court yard. According to school legend, she will be granted a wish by the "angel feather". Akira, Taki's classmate, also finds a feather... whose wish will be granted? 2) Kimi o Miteita - Yuiko saved a dog from being hit by a car and fell in love with the dog's owner Yoshiyuki when he smiled at her. Yuiko watches Yoshiyuki from the window of the pet store where he works but one day Yoshiyuki invites her into the store. The two start to get to know one another, but does Yoshiyuki remember who Yuiko is? 3) Bokura no Power - Kamura-sensei's first story to be published in Ribon. A story about Minori and Sakaki trying to win a sports competition with their class and realize their feelings for each other at the same time... 4) Issho Da Ne - Toda Fumio and Toda Keisuke gets teased because they are a boy and a girl with the same surename in the same class. Keisuke laughs it off while Fumio getes embarrassed, but what is Keisuke really thinking? 5) Ohisama no Egao - Kamura-sensei's debut work. Koharu, a girl who always smiles, gets teased a lot by her classmate Hagiwara. But one day, Hagiwara stops teasing her and Koharu realizes she misses his teasing? Summaries modified from Lijaka

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Kamura, Yoko


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