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The Guilty

The Guilty


Yuuzai;The Guilty - Verdict;The Guilty - Original Sin;The Guilty - Redemption;The Guilty - Forsaken;Yuuzai;Genzai;Shokuzai;Dazai;有罪; 原罪; 贖罪; 堕罪;The Guilty


Author:Takanaga, HinakoIzumi, Katsura

Chapters (Episode):40


Takanaga, HinakoIzumi, Katsura

Chapters (Episode)



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Toya Sakurai has always wanted to get his hands on Kai Hodaka's books before anyone else, so when he is assigned to be the bestselling author's editor, it seems like a dream come true. Kai Hodaka, with a slick face and a sinful voice, is the subject of numerous rumors and gossip, but Toya is more intrigued by the glimpses he sees of the real man behind the stories: quiet, insightful, and with a hidden kindness to him. So when Hodaka makes a shocking proposal, Toya almost can't believe it: Toya's body, in exchange for Hodaka's manuscript. It begins as a simple business arrangement, but under Hodaka's skillful touch, Toya's defenses crumble, and his simple life begins to spin wildly out of control, leaving him yearning for more. Enigmatic author...morally bankrupt celebrity...which is the real Kai Hodaka, and will Toya find out before he loses himself entirely? (June) Volume 1: Verdict 有罪 (Yuuzai) 5/2005 Volume 2: Original Sin 原罪 (Genzai) 8/2005 Volume 3: Redemption 贖罪 (Shokuzai) 11/2005 Volume 4: Forsaken 堕罪 (Dazai) 8/2006

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Takanaga, HinakoIzumi, Katsura


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