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Threads of Time

Threads of Time


Sal rye tap;Sal-Le-Top;살례탑;Threads of Time


Author:Mi, Young Noh

Chapters (Episode):46


Mi, Young Noh

Chapters (Episode)



Serial Platform



High school student Moon Bin Lee has difficulty sleeping due to a recurring nightmare: he's stranded over a thousand years in the past chasing a dark-haired girl into a deep abyss. Before long, the nightmare overwhelms him, and he is unable to tell whether he is Moon Bin, a Seoul teenager at the end of the second Millennium, or Sa Kyoung Kim, the son of a prominent warrior family in the middle of the first Millennium. People in his present-day life assume roles in his historical life as he struggles to learn exactly who he is and what he's expected to do, straddling a transmigratory portal through time and space. In the present, his school's kendo club battles to stay in the championships...but in the past, Moon Bin finds himself at the threshold of a territorial dispute on the plains of Mongolia ... (Source: Tokyopop)

Creator & Rold Information

Mi, Young Noh


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