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Time Traveler Ai

Time Traveler Ai


タイムトラベラー愛;Time Traveler Ai


Author:Takebayashi, TakeshiIijima, Ai

Chapters (Episode):36


Takebayashi, TakeshiIijima, Ai

Chapters (Episode)



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Written by and starring the popular, beautiful, and controversial Japanese actress Ai Ijima. With gorgeous, sexy, and action-packed art by Battle Arena Toshinden artist, Takeshi Takebayashi. Time Traveler Ai is a funny, sexy, delightful romp that has gotten tons of great fan response! Ai Ijima is an ex-adult video star who successfully broke from her past and went on to become a popular mainstream actress, now known in America as the Traci Lords of Japan. Follow her adventures as she discovers a magic Time Machine, and dons a leather catsuit to show Cleopatra how to really rule her subjects, duels with a female Western gunfighter (but then they kiss and make up), and teaches Leonardo da Vinci some really interesting uses for his flying machine! You too will be seduced by what Manga Max called Ai's peculiarly silly sweetness, and you'll be able to bone up on your history as well! (Source: Just Manga)

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Takebayashi, TakeshiIijima, Ai


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