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Sweet II - Embrace Me Until I Break

Sweet II - Embrace Me Until I Break

Romance Shoujo

This manga contains six cute love stories from different authors. Story 01 : Ten Days (by Aihara, Miki) Aiko is still in high school, but she has agreed to an arranged married with a 30 year old man called Shiwakara. Since they don't know each other at all, they decide to have a trial period: during 10 days they'll try to be a couple and then they will decide. Story 02: There is no Logic to Love (by Usami, Maki) Mayu hasn't been able to get over the boyfriend who dumped her. Then she meets Tsukiyama, a transfer student who seems interested in her... Story 03: The Happy Happy Letter (by Kikuchi, Kamaro) Reiko receives an anonymous love letter. To find out who wrote it, she asks for the Detective's Club's help, but she's shocked to see that among them is Yao, the boy she can't stand! Story 04: The Prince's Servant (by Natsume, Aiko) Aoigiku is being forced to get married and, even worse, with her rich classmate Toujou. He agrees to forget the commitment only if she becomes his servant... Story 05: An Adult Love and a Child Affair (by Kawamaru, Shin) Noriko is only in High School, but she ends up going to a single's party in place of her older sister. There she meets a great guy, but how can she tell him that she's only a teenager? Story 06: My Sweet Honey (by Kanesada, Yukio) Nozomi likes the school's "Prince", Myoujin, but she can only afford to watch him from afar. So what will she do when he announces everyone that she's his girlfriend?

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