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Drama Romance Shounen

In the far future, a huge mass of energy, dubbed as the "Star of Destruction" appears near Mars, and brings about the threat of human extinction as it approaches Earth. The appearance of the star caused usual atmospheric patterns and deformation of the Earth. This triggered acts of war and terrorism throughout the world, and has critically damaged the Earth. However, the true omen of disaster has yet to come. And so there was a 100 years left. For the sake of avoiding extinction, mankind came up with a few plans. The first of which would be the Earth escape plan, to build space shuttles and invent technologies to allow them to live in space. There was, however, a flaw in that, for a human would never be able to live throughout the whole of a 100 years to oversee the project, and therefore the Felix plan was put in place, which was to create a new species of human beings through the use of gene manipulation, allowing them to have bodies that do not age and possess a high level of intelligence. The formation of a single government body, the Earth Unified Government, was setup to oversee that, and at the same time recruit an army to suppress any organizations who would oppose to the plan. And so 99 years have passed... There is a Felix girl who actively contributed as a member of the plan to escape Earth. Having devoted her whole life to the plan, she wishes to stay on Earth for the rest of her life, having finished her work, and certain that Humanity's existence is secured. And so one day, the Earth Unified Government Army sent a young man to the girl's side. His work there, to protect her, and also to free her from her restraints. And so the story begins with their meeting. A little story, about a dying planet and a girl.

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